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Picked up some English Leather tonight

Was at Walmart with the GF tonight when I spotted some English Leather on the shelf. I had received a small bottle of it when I was 10 or so years old but hadn't smelled it since then. I popped the top and it took me back. My GF fell in love with it immediately and said it's her new favorite, replacing Clubman.

That makes four AS's that I've bought since joining this site on the 12th of this month. First it was Gillette Cool Wave, then OS original (new), Clubman, and now English Leather. Some type of Bay Rum (or a sampler pack) is next. I never knew trying new AS's would be addictive lol.
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Welcome to ASAD (After Shave Aquisition Disorder) Ken. Its a painless and quite pleasurable disorder. After 9 months here I have thinned my AS's down to 18 from nearly 30, but as its Christmas and all I have a least 6 new ones on their way so far.

Enjoy !
ASAD doesn't sound too bad at all.

Only issue I'm having so far is that my GF is getting mad at me for taking up all the shelf space lol. I know I'll at least end up with an AS for each day of the week.
English Leather is one of my first memories of a men's cologne. I still think it smells nice. Don't currently own any myself, but yes it really is a nice fragrance.
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