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FS Pick Your Lot! Declaration Grooming/Czech & Speake/Chatillon Lux/Saponificio Varesino & More!

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Good day, all. It's that time again. Time to move some stuff along to someone that may use it more than I do! And I'm going to try to list these at very fair prices.
I have a bunch of USPS Flat Rate Medium boxes. I am going to use these for shipping items purchased. That being said, please add $14 to your total for shipping costs. I understand that nobody is going to want to pay $14 for one item, but that's why I've priced this stuff low. Buy four or five items, and all of a sudden, that shipping doesn't sound so bad!
I'm sorry guys, but I just don't want to deal with shipping one item at a time at this point. Thank you for your understanding.

Declaration Grooming/Chatillon Lux Santal Auster soap
Probably 85% left. I purchased this on the B/S/T, and as much as I love the smooth Sandalwood scent, this soap makes my face a bit red during the shave. $14

Australian Private Reserve Ozymandias soap
Purchased new, used three times. $10

The Los Angeles Shaving Soap Company Blackfern
Used four or five times. 90%+ left. $6

Cold River Soap Works Citrus Maximus (Glide)
Purchased here on the B/S/T. Never used it. Looks like it was used a couple of times. $8

Lisa's Natural Irish Green Tweed
I love Lisa's soaps, but I just don't reach for this one enough to keep it around. I probably used it no more than three times. $8

Chatillon Lux La Foret de Liguest EdT (99.9% full) $20

Vintage Williams gift set circa 1976 (comes with two pucks of tallow Williams, six Williams razor blades, Talc and dental powder) $15

Sudsy Soapery Pink Peppermint Limited Edition (signed and numbered!)
Brand New $10

Saponificio Varesino Opuntia (Beta 4.3) Soap and Aftershave
Used four or five times. 95%+. $25

Meissner Tremonia Lavender De Luxe Shave Paste (cream)
Scooped three or four times. Still 90%+. $8

Penhaligon's Bleinham Bouquet in wooden bowl
Whatever formulation this is, it creates a great lather and smells divine! Used a handful of times. Around 90%. $15

PannaCreama Nuavia Blu in a PantaRei hand-painted bowl
I purchased an ounce of Nuavia Blu and put it in this beautiful bowl (acquired from the B/S/T). I used the soap once, so there is a hair less than an ounce left. The scent just isn't for me. But I know that people LOVE this soap. And as a bonus, you get the awesome bowl as well! $18

Houbigant Fougere Roayale EdP (boxed)
90%+ $30

Czech & Speake Neroli Aftershave
Intoxicating scent, but I don't want an aftershave to clash with my fragrances. Retails for $100+. 65%+ left . $25

Favilla small Shave Brush (synth knot)
One of a kind briar-root handle. Retails for $129. Used twice. $35.

Timeless Razor plastic shave bowl $8

Chatillon Lux Sni Mato toner
Used once. $8

Speick Eau de Cologne
Used two or three times. $8

Piralon Polar Aftershave
Used two or three times. $8

Penhaligon's Bayolea face wash 50ml
Used once. $5

Floid Hair Tonic Blue
Comes in the beautiful glass bottle Used two or three times. $10.

Geo F. Trumper Floreka Hair Lotion
Used a few times. $6

Siliski Toasted Almond post shave
Used a few times. $5

Irisch Moos Deodorant Stick
New. $5





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