~Pick ONE SOAP for the rest of your life~

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    How about you?
  1. At first I was going to pick a soap that is my favourite scent, but after thinking about it more I realized that if I needed to use it everyday then I would get sick of a heavy scent so best to go with something mild.

    DR Harris Windsor in the classy wood bowl
  2. Can't do it. Too many great performing soaps out there. It would then boil down to scent and I know I would get tired of just once scent.
  3. I could go with Stirling Limes. I never get sick of limes.
  4. Nuàvia Blu. It has pushed nearly a dozen other fine soaps and creams to the dusty corners of my den.
  5. Barrister & Mann - Seville
  6. Klar Seiffen Sport
  7. $Haslinger.jpg
  8. Exactly!
  9. Haslinger Schafmilch. Mild scent, phenomenal performance. Definitely my desert island soap.
  10. DCRIII

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    My own homemade soap. One soap with nearly endless scent possibilities.
  11. I like this answer, and I wish I had the time and expertise to do this, I am abit of a fragrance head and would love to experiment with scents.

    Anyway to answer the actual question I think I would go with my Dapper Dragon Custom Soap (Raspberry & Almond). It's not the number one in terms of performance but it is still very good and the scent is to die for :)
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  13. Awesome!
  14. It's a toss up between Penhaligons Sartorial or Razorock King Louis.
    Great choices so far.
  15. DR Harris Almond...works well and has a light scent which is important. Any heavy scent used daily becomes cloying after awhile to me.
  16. +1. I have soaps with more scent for when I'm in the mood, but those rarely get reordered. For performance, none better for me than DRH Almond. It's the only soap that I always have several refills on hand.

  17. I'd have to go with the same one. B&M always performs and the scent is just wonderful. And it is not too powerful or strong that I would get annoyed. Keeper for sure.
  18. Pepin

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    I would have to go with Tabac, slightly edging out my puck of GFT Eucris.

    I have used them in the "Soap oft he Month Club, and it is would be so easy to just keep on using it.
  19. I refuse to accept only one soap

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