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I posted some photos in the members gallery of my Gillette Gold collection DE razors. I proud of the quality of these excellent razors.

Tony Espo
Very nice. :thumbup: I believe I saw the Aristocrat in the long box on e-bay a month or so ago (or one just like it). I started to bid on it and talked myself out of it. I've been wanting to add another gold razor to the stable. The only one I currently have is the 1930s model on the right of your picture. I'll find one some day.
does this mean you wont bid against me ???? :001_tt2:

maybe I could one of these pieces for MY collection ???:blush:

Really...they look very good...:tongue_sm

but do you bring them out at parties....

Tony shows off his mansion to his guest..."Yes this is an origianl Monet...that is the Picasso....but this is the collection that I am most proud of...MY GOLD GILLETTES....:em2200:

have fun,

mark tssb
Mark, I don't show them to guest when they visit. It's too much trouble getting them out of the safe:biggrin:

I removed Ebay from my favorites; go ahead and bid. My mouth is :em2700:

Tony Espo
Check out what a toggle sold for on Ebay last night. Item # 6576449346

It is getting crazy.

Maybe I need to hire a security guard:rolleyes: to protect the Gold collection?

Tony Espo
While I would love to have one, I wouldn't love to have one that much! I looked at it with about 3 hours left and it was still at $100.00. I never even checked back after that.


modern man


What a dig, I don't even have it in me to go this far back.

Take my title away. Tom has earned it.
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