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Photo Rotation Problems...

Many users appear to have problems when posting portrait or square photos direct from their smartphones. If the photo is not in landscape format it will (usually) rotate 90° to the left.

On the "Insert image" dialog box:

would it be possible to add "Rotate Left/Right" buttons?
Virtually every smart phone has the Capability to do that before uploading.
I always send via my PC (after correcting any verticality problems). I've checked my smartphone and can't find the "capability" you speak of.

It's a Samsung (but not an expensive one). Have you an "Idiots Guide" on how to find that capability please?
@Cal Open the photo in gallery
Click the pencil(?) Icon at the bottom to enter edit mode.
Click on the circle shaped arrow to rotate.

Screenshot_20211024-000806_Photo Editor.jpg


I use this method on my Samsung A71 running Android 11. This is before I post a photo if needed. If instead you mean rotate a pic already posted by another member, I also have no clue.
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I upload photos using my iPad. If the photo is portrait and right side up in my Photos, it will appear sideways, landscape on B&B.
Yeah, the forum and gallery both are supposed to deal with this automatically, and that has been the case for years. If it's not working, something screwy is going on...
Jason, can you email me those two photos?

The forum software rotates the images based on the Exif data in the image. If the Exif data is wrong or missing, it won't know to rotate it automatically.

So either your images don't have the Exif data in them (Would be weird) or something is screwing with the process.
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