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this foggy wednesday early morning at the wetlands, not much happening.
crow, spoonbills, young great blue heron, a pair or whistlers.



I found a dead Red Paper Wasp in my washing machine last night. Decided to see what I could do with the focus stacking built into my Olympus EM-5 Mk 2 and 30mm Macro.

My staging sucks but the camera/lens combo did pretty good. I got stung by one of these a few months ago. It hurts.


The business end of the nasty bugger.


A face only a mother could love

^hard to compete with shiny blue Skoda!!

anyway, this Monday morning at the wetland boardwalk.
predawn, this night crown heron was hanging around on the boardwalk railing and couldn't quite decide where to go as I approached...


later, some of the regulars made appearances.
great blue heron, purple gallinule, snowy and great egret...

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