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also at ft desoto, this snowy wasn't having much luck...
That is a really nice picture. I like how the wing feathers take you right to the eye.
Thanks, but it was totally by chance. As he began to lift off, I simply fired off a burst of a dozen or so shots.
Elapsed time about a second. Camera did great job of keeping focus on bird's eye, altho the photographer didn't do as well tracking! here's the initial sequence, full frame. 1/4000 sec, f/8, iso 1600, 800mm.

hawk seq.jpg
For the majority of my life I've been a huge fan of Harry Houdini. When I was a kid in the 1970s I even had delusions about writing a book about him. Something I never did.

On my recent trip back to So. Cal, I was fortunates enough to be there at teh same time as an exhibit of some of his props and other paraphenalia. This is his first version of his milkcan escape. He revised it several times over his career, but this is the original one.

walked the marsh trails at the wildlife refuge and spotted this great horned owl on a really tall snag.
cloudy and really dim light, i had to struggle with high iso, cropped frame and switched on the 1.4x.
nothing great, just a record shot. he got tired of me and flew off in opposite direction.
later, only saw a great egret browsing the marsh, who also got tired of me and flew.
such is life.




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