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Photo of the Day

A few nights back we had a series of strong storms roll through central Oklahoma. I took this image after noticing some lightning in the distance west of my house. The photo doesn't do how intense the lighting was. I had never seen lighting like this before. The best way for me to explain fully its intensity was that it was similar to the Aurora Borealis. The light would sheet through the clouds and be iridescent. It was such a fun storm to see......from a distance of course :wink2:.

DM Photography2.jpg
One of my FB friends posted this, by a Japanese photographer called Kohki Yamaguchi. Quite stunning. In the foreground you have the Gardens by the Bay and the Supertree Grove, then the three towers of the now iconic Marina Bay Sands hotel / casino, and across the bay, the Fullerton Hotel, formerly the main Post Office. Behind that the CBD begins 58887010_10156883131296900_3395631355017560064_o.jpg


finally ventured out to the nearby everglades wildlife refuge early this morning.
family of whitetails were browsing and obliged grudgingly with several photos from a safe distance.
d500, 200-500mm at 340mm, iso 6400, f/6.3, 1/40 sec, handheld cropped about 50%.