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    I have been reading about Phoenix & Beau and realized not many reviews are calling out for attention. When I found the English shaving Co was shipping these at a flat rate £1.99 worldwide I had to order few. My Shopping basket took 5 soaps before it re-calculated the shipping charges so I culled down 6th soap. Last week the mailman came calling with Spitfire, Coda, Whitechapel, Star Noir and Volupta. I am going to do mini reviews here just in case some of wet shaving brothers feel a particular soap might be up to their ally.

    It is summer time here in India and I took Volupta out for couple of shaves so far. I now buy soaps mostly for their scents because I have yet to come across a shave soap that cannot give a good lather and shave regardless of origins i.e. mass produced or artisan. Good smelling soap is important to me because I don’t use lot of perfumed products and like to spend my 10 min of day surrounded in scent(s) I really like and feel at home with.

    Scent perceptions are very subjective and I don’t have a golden nose. But nothing about this Limited Edition release is feeble or middle of the road to me. Citrus and Lime essential oils by nature are weak and fickle but they do play nicely with little spiciness. However the soap shines in floral accords and I do get a little rose that is not exactly ‘rosy’ and jasmine dance with citrusy naroli. In spite of being an outright floral, this is as manly as it can get. I do like heavy scented soap and while this is no silage monster the scent is there as through the shave and some after you have rinsed it off. A very pleasing and firm 5-6 out of 10 scent strength.

    It contains lanolin but didn’t stick to the blade and rinsed clean and post shave feel is not greasy like some of other artisan shave soaps and works well for me as I don’t have very dry or sensitive skin. This is going to be in summer time rotation for me. Best I like about this soap is they have created an original scent profile without wanting to replicate something as the trend seems to be on nowadays.A very sensual and voluptuous soap and it became instant favorite.

    No plan to start on another soap right away but I will add in here whenever I get around to do that.
  1. Just tried my first P&B - Imperial Rum. Loved the smell, but also the best cushion I've found (previously it was Arko). Post shave feel the best hands down. Can't wait to try the others I picked up - Sanskrit and Spitfire.
  2. I heard Kerry was working with @West Coast Shaving to onboard them as a stockist, but not sure what the status of that is. If memory serves, he was going to have an exclusive with them as well.
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    I love Albion and have a few other samples in the queue. They're a half-step behind my absolute best soaps (as far as performance) but P&B will always be in the mix I suspect because I've enjoyed the ones I've used.
  4. P&B has a great soap base. Kerry had a few hicups when he first started out (soap weight and scent issues) but is back to normal. Some of the scents i dont care for but there is a wide variety to choose from. Sanskrit, Star Noir, and Citra Royale are my favorite of the ones i have tried. Soap can handle a TON of water and provides excellent protection.
  5. @SHAVEWIZARD420 I agree that the soap base is great and up there with big boys.
    I have just started with Volupta and find the P&B soap seems to tick all the boxes. As a long time users of MWF and Tabac I am happy that this is a great time for wet shavers when there are scores of good soaps around to choose from.
    I did read about soap weight issues and I have to say if I open all my P&B tubs and eyeball them, they certainly seem to be little under OR over. But then I might be splitting hair over curing shrinkage.
  6. I have the Imperial Rum which I really enjoy, soap is excellent and the balm is great, I also bought the solid cologne which I'm not crazy about but I understand they are making a regular cologne soon, The problem is they won't be able to ship it to the US.
  7. Big P&B fan here, both the company and the products.

    Scents are, of course, a very personal matter but in terms of performance they're amongst the best I've used. Of the varieties I've tried so far I have loved all the scent profiles also.

    Currently I have the following:

    Albion (best summer scent)
    Spitfire (my absolute favourite scent of all my soaps and creams)

    Eyeing up the Imperial Rum for the next one I think...
  8. I have used some variety of P&B since their inception as I really like their soap as well as the owner is a fine man by all appearances. Also, his shave tutorial vids are some of the best made IMO. I shaved with their Spitfire today and the shave was simply superb. That said, I just ordered from Connaught in London P&B's newest limited edition soap Right Handed Giant which is their salute to Brut Classic. I could never get my hands on the much lauded Brazilian Brut shave cream in a tube so I was not going to let this new soap slip by. ;)

    I was sad to see OSP stop production, but rest assured that P&B is available to sate your British artisan needs. Good people. :thumbsup:
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    P&B makes excellent soaps. I have 2 variants (Star-Noir and Albion) and will expand them. Great cushioning. Great slickness and the soap can take on tons of water. Very, very good post-shave feel. The owner on YouTube advised to use the remaining lather at the end to wash your entire face and that has become a standard thing for me... makes the skin feel amazing for the rest of the day.

    Really sad to see James go as his soaps and scents are amazing. He did say in an e-mail to me he might come back in the future. I stocked up with 13 of his soaps, so I'm good for the foreseeable future fortunately:)
  10. The only Phoenix & Beau soap I have is Albion and I love it. The scent is beautiful - to me it’s lavender more than anything else.

  11. Spitfire is one of my favorite P&B soap. To my nose the scent is mostly lather and tobacco in trailing. These two are nicely blended and none overpowers the other predominant scent. In all it smells like an honest soap. That said out of the 5 soaps I have, I have come to understand how Kerry creates a scent profile over a base and as a result out of the Spitfire, Coda, Whitechapel, Star Noir and Volupta; only Volupta stands very different smelling. The others, while different from each other (although Coda and Whitechapel are very close to each other) smells heavy base, little dirty with hint of darkness lurking around. If I have to further make a distinction about overall scent profiling, I’d say Stirlings soaps (most of them) are bright, perky and lighter smelling.
    Actual performance is nice but I am hesitant to say these are top performing soaps in terms of slickness and post shave feel. Slickness is enough to get the job done and there is no greasy post shave feel I suffer from some of other top rated soaps in peak of summers even when they are straight forward citrus scents. P&B is good ROI and honest hardworking soap.

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