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Pets are Family Members Too-Show Yours

These are my 2

My big boy, Romulus - Purebred Rottweiler. My wife's dog, Sam - Mastiff x Ridge Back
I say mine and hers, but they're both ours, they just chose like that.



After a big win I decided to put them in my football (NRL - Rugby League) jerseys and take a photo. I "MAY" have been a little under the effects of the golden stuff at the time.

So, who's by your side through thick and thin ?
This is my two best friends. Nico the dog and Dexter the cat, the cat is the boss of course.


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My cat was in the house first, the instant the puppy arrived the cat walked up, raised onto it's back legs, one hand on the dogs nose, and proceeded to beat the crap out of it with the other.
The dog just took it and the cat walked away happy with itself haha
Perfect timing for another one of these threads! First up is Chili, then Bella and her daughter Daisy. Last and certainly not least is our newly acquired yesterday, American Mastiff Charlie!


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There is a massive thread about showing off members furry partners. It's worth finding to see all the amazing four legged friends in our group.
This is Max, my terrier/chihuahua mix. I got him from a rescue organization back in 2007 when he was around nine months or so old, and he's been my stalwart companion since.

He also wants to make sure that he gets to go wherever we go...

Here's my fella Ben, trying to play innocent after stealing a chocolate bar off the counter. He's a cross between a King Charles and Rough Collie



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