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Personna Platinums gave me a new appreciation for how bad a blade can be


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Holy cow. Just had the worst shave I’ve ever experienced in my 8 years of Wet shaving with a DE. It was so bad I feel the need to talk about it.

When I started out the first blade I tried was Vokshod and I liked it enough that I used it exclusively for 7 years until a couple months ago. I finally decided I wanted to see what else is out there so I bought a bunch of sample packs and have been experimenting.

First I tried Personna Lab Blues. They were comfortable and smooth and frankly in a blind test I’m not sure I would be able to differentiate them from the Vokshods I used for 7 years.

Next I tried Gillette 7 O’Clock Super Platinums (Black). First 2 shaves were maybe slightly better than the Vokshods and Lab Blues but shaves 3 onward were rougher but overall not a huge difference.

At this point I was beginning to doubt that different blades affected the shave that much.

Then I tried Personna Platinums (blue package made in Germany). Used the same razor (Karve CB with SB C plate) and same soap (B & M Seville Omnibus). I went slow and careful with 1 WTG and 1 XTG pass and the outcome was horrible.

Previously the most weepers I’ve had in one shave where I had to use my styptic pencil was 2 or 3. Tonight I had to use it in 6 or 7 spots. It was a blood bath. I’m dumbfounded. I thought these were one of the better blades out there so I had high expectations.

I will say that once the bleeding stopped and my face didn’t sting anymore I noticed that my shave feels incredible smooth. Maybe these are sharper than anything I’ve used before? Not sure. It would be interesting to see how they did with a more mild razor but I think it will be a while until I’m interested in trying them again.

Does my experience resonate with anyone else who has tried them?
The Karve CB SB-C is an excellent razor.

Please describe your technique. Do you use a steep angle? Or a shallow angle? How many passes? How do you do your touchups?

Thank you. :)
I'm not a fan of Personna Platinums either. Thankfully my experience with this blade is not as dire as the OP but I did find them rather tuggy. Ironically, it is a blade that often gets added as a freebie whenever I order shaving goodies...
Many here know the razor and the blade. I find I need to ride the cap on that razor. As far as the blade, I have a lot of Israeli Reds stashed (1890) and 20 German Blue that I’m working through. Can use either although the Israeli seem a bit smoother and the Germans a bit sharper.
Worst DE blades I've ever tried:
1. Voskhod
2. Personna Platinum (German)
3. Merkur Super (German)

Funny because my #1 DE blade is The Personna Lab Blue!
This is similar for me too. I could use either the GSB or the Lab Blue as my only blade forever.

In reading the OP's post, my reaction to this blade was exactly the same, worst shave ever!
If you have the Personna DE platinums and want to trade them for something let me know. I can use them for a descent shave.
I had to shave with these like I was using a razor blade free hand without a razor and despite that care, I inevitably had nicks and cuts. I traded the 90 that I had away for Lord Platinums.
I had to shave with these like I was using a razor blade free hand without a razor and despite that care, I inevitably had nicks and cuts. I traded the 90 that I had away for Lord Platinums.
That's actually a good description!

I have a box of the U.S. made Lab Blues and think quite highly of them. I put them on par with the GSB.

I wouldn't have commented except that I came across this post and the OP was describing exactly what my reaction was. Noting that his experience and mine were in the same time frame.

I have had a dud blade on occasion and it's no big deal but these did not give the same shave as a typical dud. I believe that I had tried three shaves with the same blade.

They were being sold on Amazon in a package of three tucks of five each. I had bought ten packages, 150-blades to get the over $25 free shipping. It was perfectly clear that I wouldn't be using them, nor would I ever give them to someone else. I wasn't going to be stuck with 150 of these and then there was the matter if way to much money lost. I never returned any razor blades before these.

I had fully intended to buy a hundred of the German Red Platinum's. I decided to stick with my Labs and call it a day with overseas Personnas.
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