Personna Lab Blue -- another repackaging -- blue and black

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    Personna is selling a new 100-pack on Amazon. You can find it quickly by pasting the ASIN number in Amazon's search box: B07BQZJV18 . Personna is making an attempt to clear up the confusion about their packaging and branding with this new box and lengthy description.

    Personna Double Edge Razor Blades Comfort Coated Stainless Steel Razor Blades for Safety Razors Barber Quality Box of 100

    About the product
    • MADE IN THE USA: Personna DE Razor Blades are known by shavers around the world as one of the most trusted brands providing one of the best shaves. Risk-free and satisfaction guaranteed through Amazon! When the seller is Personna and the shipper is Amazon, you can be assured that the product you receive is quality and your purchase is secure. Personna was the first company to introduce the safety razor in the US. We have over 135 years of customer satisfaction behind our product!
    • SMOOTH SHAVING AND COMFORT: These double edge blades are forgiving, not overly sharp. They provide a reduced the risk of nicking your face. Single blade safety razors are great for sensitive skin. Less blades mean less friction, reducing the risk of ingrown hairs. Use for shaving your face, neckline, and sideburns. Even great for legs.
    • HIGH QUALITY CHROME STEEL: Holds a sharp edge longer, providing a nice smooth shave. No plastics or chemicals! Just a pure, stainless steel blade. Avid shavers will find their closest shave because there are no barriers surrounding the blade and preventing you from working into the tightest areas for a supremely close trim.
    • BULK PACKAGE: Economical and convenient pack of 100 Blades that fit all double edge razors. Blade refills are much cheaper than the usual cartridge razors, and more versatile. 100 Blades that stay sharper for longer and don’t clog, eliminating the need for expensive refills and the aggravation of sticky soap strips.
    • TRADITIONAL METHOD - Take the time to turn your hygiene routine into a mindful and ritualistic practice. The safety razor technique is a traditional self-care method that can provide a moment of calm in your day. Treat yourself to this luxurious shaving method and learn to take care of your face as you slow down and focus on the details.
    Product description
    Give Yourself A Great Shave With A Double Edge Razor The double-edged (DE) or safety razor was made popular in the early 1900’s by King Camp Gillette. Double-edged safety razors became popular during World War II when these were supplied to the soldiers in their shaving kits. Today, there has been a resurgence of popularity with shavers. Some shavers feel they can get a really close shave without applying aggressive pressure to the face. Hipsters today are using these razors to bring back a touch of the past. Many executives who get a great shave from a men's styling salon recreate that feeling at home. WHY USE A DOUBLE EDGE SAFETY RAZOR? Shaving is a matter of comfort and feel. Do more blades provide a better shave? The answer is that it depends. Some men can't use a DE razor and get a good shave. Many men swear by the 2 blade razor. Others love 3 blades and then there are the shavers who go for all of the newest multi-blade razors. Yet, world-renowned barbers are still using classic double-edged razors and single edged blades to give famously close shaves. There are many other reasons men choose DE safety razors. Affordability: Replacement blades are more affordable than current multi-blade razors and the thinking is that the two sides of a safety razor extend each unit’s lifespan. Better Access: In many cases, the blade’s slimmer design enables improved access and removal of hair in tough-to-reach areas like under the nose and neck crevices. Closeness: Many feel these blades provide a closer and smoother shave than multi-blade counterparts. This may be due to the fact that double-edged razors are set in the handle at a 30º angle. At the very least, this requires far less pressure than your average disposable multi-blade. If you love DE shaving, Personna makes some of the worlds best razor blades.
  1. We will see I ordered a .

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  2. Personnas confusing??? Let’s just add another package!! :a19::a19::a19::a19:

    (Perhaps the most confusing blade brand anywhere.)
  3. Thanks for the pics. Looks like they went back to the Blue blade wrapper.
  4. Right....especially since the printing on the blade is the same as the blue/white/red UK packaging Personna reds (maybe other packaging too?)!!
  5. Apparently the new box costs almost $5 bucks - 40% - more!

    That must be a great box!
  6. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but would these be what is considered as the lab blues?
    Is the same as the personna platinum chrome - which I believe is the israeli reds correct?
    sooo confusing...
  7. Agree. I only paid 11.49 in February (for the box shown below) and this new box costs 16.95
  8. Made in USA? Where? I read a few years ago that they were shutting down their American plant.

    Personna = Confusion
  9. It is the new logo since the Edgewell take over. It is on all their razor products now. Disposables etc. Same blade. At least you know they are of very recent vintage. Now they have to make the print in the blades better. I like them. Made here too. Last DE machines left in the USA. Shame. I do not like dispenser blades and these are quite decent.
  10. malocchio

    malocchio Contributor

    Price will go down as stock builds up.......
  11. Yep, They are getting into GSB territory at that price! Lab Blues are good but, not GSB good IMO.
  12. Hi,

    Verona, Virginia. Plant is still operating under new owners. Accutec Blades. Still making the Personna branded med preps and lab blues. I know a few folks who work there. Still working. ;)

  13. Thanks, Stan. Good to know.
  14. Picked up a 100 pack brick from Amazon using Personna's Facebook ad. 25% off before 8/31 with code, 25EDGES8.
    Amazon also describes these as Made in America, but as you can see from the picture, they are made in Israel. I haven't tried them yet, but was hoping for the domestic product.[​IMG]

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  15. Exactly! I also used the FaceBook link to buy these from Amazon. Same packaging as yours indicating made in Israel. I’ve only used one blade so far and seems nice enough. This offer was about $2 more than other Amazon sellers once you used the discount code at checkout. Not complaining, but would like to know which Personnas are actually manufactured in the U.S.

    Btw, any idea what the perforated bottom corner of the box is all about?
  16. I'm guessing it's a dispensing point.

    Same here, no complaints, just screwy description.

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  17. I found this to make them more confusing-USA made in the writing, then Israel on the box, for example.

    • Says Israel on box.
      A minor annoyance, but it should be "fewer" blades, not "less" blades. Also, what about shaving your head? Chest? Back? If they are going to try to make a long list they should go for all inclusive.
      It says comfort coated on the box but here says there is nothing but a steel blade. If there is in fact a coating there would likely be chemicals. And the lack of plastic barriers so as to allow the closest shave-are we to assume that the metal DE razors can't have a barrier? It's not like the cutting edge goes right to the ends of the blade.
    They say they were the first to introduce the DE razor but then say it was someone else that had the popular one.
    This whole section is wishy-washy. No facts just thoughts from others.
    Again-no facts. Lots of "may" Many feel" and stuff like that. No actual facts as to why you should choose except the "more affordable" part. Where they say "In many cases" that has no fact backing it up-what qualifies as many? Out of 5,000 tests 731 liked brand X. You could say many people liked brand X but in terms of overall popularity it bombed.

    Yes, long post. Short summary: This bit of marketing set me off with a bad taste in my mouth. To me it comes across as being done by someone that doesn't have much to do with it and was told to write something up for the web page so they did a cursory search for key words/points and threw it together as quickly as possible.
  18. Yes, you open the box via the perforations and you can slide one blade out at a time. Less chance of spilling if the box is dropped etc.
  19. They don't say first to introduce DE razor, they say safety razor. They are descended from Micromatic SE razors. Yes, most of it is fluff, as are most things of that ilk. But I couldn't see any blade manufacturer putting actually figures of user testing, based upon users varying opinions around her. 10% of users think it is best blade they have ever used, 50% say it isn't bad, and 5% say its the worst. And that would be a glowing review :)

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