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Personna Israeli vs German Platinum Chrome

I tried the historic Israeli Personnas and the German replacements back to back to see if I could tell a difference. I used the same Canadian Pre War, the same prep and Soaps.

I could not tell the difference between these blades. Both have identical shaves.

This blade is smooth and mid sharp in this razor. Not as sharp as a Wizamet and close to a GSB or Minora. Either blade performed the same. They felt the same and even left the same trouble spots.

If you were questioning if the new German blues are a good replacement for the beloved Israeli Reds, I would say they are the same blade.
I didn't try them back to back, but I've used the Red IPs for close to a decade and the German-made ones feel very similar. I like the Reds a lot so I was happy to find out the German blades were in the same ballpark if not exact duplicates.
Don't know which packaging are your Israeli Personnas.

A few months ago I compared the 10-pack plastic dispenser for Europe - blue label, says Platinum, made in Israel with the newer Platinums made in Germany. Both blades have absolutely the same printing on them, so without the packaging you can't tell which is which. The blades shave definitely differently.
I tried them back to back, they aren't comparable. I suppose if you use some pressure, they will both get through the hair, but you can really tell the difference between the two in the amount of pressure needed to cut. the IRs just cut easier.
I never tried the Germans. I ordered 1200 more Israelis at a high price yesterday. I wish I had a tuck of Germans to compare but I’m happy with the Israeli Reds I have.


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I'm still loaded with the Israeli made red package blades...but good to know that their replacement has very similar properties. Thanks for the comparison!
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