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Personna 74 Observations

I have always been a fan of these blades but over the last year or so I have noticed that I am having much more luck with the 74 injector blades vs the DE blades. I have had a few of the DE blades in the past and they always seemed to underwhelm me, the first batch I received I was pretty much unable to get out of the dispenser and had to tear it apart to get to the blades. The DE shaves were normal, nothing really stood out other than this is a really sharp blade, I had heard stories about the mythical longevity of this blade, I think the longest I have ever gone on a 74 DE blade was around 23 shaves and I binned it for being too tuggy. I had pretty much given up on the 74 until I came across some of the Injector blades, they don't even feel like the same blade, the first 2 or 3 shaves were a little scratchy but then by shave 4 it just keeps getting smoother. Last year I went over 50 shaves on an injector 74 blade, and I ended up swapping it out as I wanted to try a different blade. I'm currently trying the 74s again and am using an adjustable (M) Schick and today marked shave 31, this honestly has to be one of the smoothest blades that I have ever used, This blade just keeps getting better after every shave, I have pretty much convinced myself that I am going to just keep using this setup to see how long this blade will last. I'm just curious if the main difference that I have experienced could be due in part to the difference in thickness of the blades, the Injector blades are beyond amazing, the DE blades were somewhat underwhelming. The other thing I had noticed is all of the DE blades had staining on them whereas the injector blades have all been pristine, not sure if this would have contributed to the less than stellar shaves.
I wonder if what you are calling staining on the DE blades is either the coating coming off or somebody carefully repacked them and they are used. I have been meaning to try the injector blades, never could bring myself to spend $6 each for DE when I have a carton of Light Brigades.
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