Persimmon Wood?

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    Would persimmon wood make a nice shaving brush handle? This question came to mind as I was pruning some overhanging branches yesterday on my persimmon tree. It was once a favored wood for golf clubs due to it's dense and hard nature. Anyone have experience with persimmon wood?
  1. :thumbup: This is good advice for turning ANYTHING. The fine dust can be a real irritant to mucous membranes (mouth, nose, throat, lungs). Even if you aren’t allergic to the material throwing on a turner’s jacket and pair of gloves takes a minute tops and can save you from a nasty skin reaction so why take a chance? I’ve had a few, one lasted about a month and it was awful. As for persimmon specifically, yes it’s great for turning and takes a beautiful finish. As with all hardwoods be prepared to sharpen your tools frequently.
  2. I don't recommend gloves for turning. Things can go bad quickly if they get caught on the machine. When considering a long sleeve shirt, ensure the cuffs are tight so they can't caught on anything spinning as well.

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  3. Thanks for clarifying that, I meant nitrile gloves. The kind I get are for medical use and meant to tear in case they get snagged by a needle or anything. Thanks for pointing that out, leather or other protective type gloves are very dangerous. It’s also why I recommend a turner’s jacket which have sleeves that are snug around the wrists.
  4. @CigarSmoka good point. I use those medical type gloves for putting on finishes, especially CA.

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  5. Sounds like sound advice. I have started to where a respirator when doing a lot of wood working. Never had any adverse reactions but have learned that these things can build up and cause reactions after multiple exposures.
    Most fruit and nut tree woods are good turning wood from what I know.
    Never seen persimmon wood. Can you post some pictures?
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    Persimmon wood is lovely. I have many persimmon golf woods in my shed and they look wonderful when restored. I think a persimmon wood handle would look great but turning one, I have no idea.
  7. Persimmon wood is quite hard but very fine grained. Turns well, but you need very sharp tools as it's almost all sapwood and full of starch. Dull tools will result in burnishing and scorching if you use too much tool pressure.

    Otherwise it's great stuff. Expect deep black heartwood (very small) and black spots where twigs grew out and left pin knots.

    I've made some razor scales from it and it works well, have some cut for brush handles but haven't gotten them done yet, never did make it out to the shop last winter for some reason.

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