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Perry Ellis M

I really like this cologne...buy one problem....well more like a few.

1. I wish this scent had a projection...more than close to the body or skin

2. It isn't long lasting...at least on me.

3. No sillage.

Soooooooooooo...is there any cologne that smells almost exactly like this? YES....I have read that Allure Pour Homme is very close to it. When I try samples of APH on my skin I kind of get the same scent but not really.

Any other colognes that mimic PE-M......... or should I say that PE-M mimics or is a clone of???
I have not tried either but the forums say Chanel Allure Pour Homme is close. Seems to have a little better performance
Perry Ellis M is one of my favorite frags. It lasts on me most of the day too, of course everyone skin reacts differently. I can't say that I've smelled anything else that smells like it. I have read that Allure is close to it as well but I don't have any experience with it.
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