Permanent mustache shadow.

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    I have pretty fine facial hair. I switched from my Norelco electric to DE about 6 months ago. I couldn't make sense of something: I felt smoother but it seemed like my facial hair was more visible. Someone posted some scanning electron microscope pictures of beard trimings from a DE vs. an electric. The DE were cut clean off to a point, like you'd cut a vine or sappling with a machete. The electric stuble had torn up, rough looking ends. The DE is going to look like a dark, perfect little circle, the electric is going to disperse the light and blend in better with your skin. Just the way it is. Don't know if this helps your situation but I hope it helps your understanding.

  1. I have a perpetual 5 o'clock shadow even with BBS.
  2. necro post, the reason you used to get clean mustache a year ago before you switched to DE is because most likely you used cartrige razors, cartrige razors indeed way closer shave than DE, since they pull the hair and cut it deep under the skin, the price is of course huge irritation and redness, unfortunately one can't have it all, and even in the most agressive DE's, it will cut you closer and smoother but risk higher getting red and bumpy
  3. It just means you are a man. Enjoy it!:a29:
  4. Are cartridge blades really so dull that the first one in a multiple is incapable of slicing through the whisker before the second blade gets there? Is the second one sharper so it can readily slice through the whisker that first blade's only able to snag and stretch?
  5. they are not dull rather than being positioned in a certain order, the first blade of the razor is positioned slightly higher than the rest and at a certain angle that will cause it to pull the hair call, they call it "Progressive Geometry", this effect is called Hysteresis, then comes in the second blade which is slightly closer to skin and cuts off the pulled up hair, should it miss it then the rest of blades will take care of it
  6. Same here. Light skin, dark hair. My skin looks bluish or greenish after I shave even BBS. I just live with my genetics. Also, I wear a moustache anyway because I am a dad. It's the mandatory dadstache.
  7. Just discovered this thread and you are now my people.

    I have the same issue, can be 100% BBS and still have a noticeable shadow on my upper lip and chin. Only 36 though lol, so I have to wait a while to see if it helps when it gets grayed out. :001_unsur
  8. I thought having a shadow was cool, I mean is like you are clean shaven, but people know that the genes for a badass are there!

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