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    I spent a very pleasant and interesting 3+ hours touring a private perfume bottle and perfume museum today. It’s at the Sanfillipo Estate a few miles northwest of Chicago. It is a very large private home that hosts events including organ recitals and other things. The income is used for charitable work. The perfume section was opened in May and today was the first “open to the public” event. About 15 people. The museum is set out to feel like the dispalys consistent with the time the scents were in their heyday. Tabac Blond was in a London style arcade – like the Burlington Arcade layout along with barber shops and fragrance stores. Another room was themed Art Deco with a lot of Lalique and some very rare bottles and displays ranging from gaudy sports memorabilia to hand blown bottles IMG_2810.JPG IMG_2812.JPG IMG_2813.JPG IMG_2817.JPG with jewel encrusted stoppers. There was a perfume organ where one could try out some frags. The “vault” where pictures are not allowed included some scent bottles from 400 BC and Betty Davis’ dressing table with full grooming kit laid out. The online address is A few pics from my visit are attached. If you’re a frag head and in the Chicago area during an opening (or even if traveling one visitor was from Australia) it’s well worth the time (and price of admission) – and the money goes to charity.
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    that is really cool. I wonder if I can talk my wife into that?

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