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Perfect skin previously thought of as sensitive.

In the past, I have had skin which alternated between reasonably good, and prone to irritation and bumps. Nothing severe but enough to annoy me. Last few months, my face has been perfect, smooth and blemish free.
I'm not really doing anything different,. My razor varies between ATT m1, m2 r1 and Mùhle rocca. Blades, GSB or feather. Soaps, tabac, SV or Meißner, but lately a Franken soap mix which includes odds and ends of soap, Edwin Jagger, castle Forbes cream, a bit of Arko, Bath house. No pre shave or after shave treatment. One thing I am doing is to load my brushes well, Chubby3 and SV, both badgers.
Perhaps loading the brushes well, gives a more luxurious lather and brings out good properties of the soap.
For me, shavings never been better.
Bad prep' can lead one going off at a tangent regarding choice of razor, cream/soap, choice of blade, aftershave etc...which can lead to misconceptions whether you have sensitive skin.

Good preparation and slickness is the key to a comfortable and close shave -which is probably what you are experiencing? -A Russian professional barber even recommends adding just over half the same amount of aftershave to water in mixing lather for extra slickness which for me was a unique experience, but it does work minimizing nicks and weepers!



My guess is that it is a combination of changes with ’traditional’ wet shaving that leads to better skin:
1. Better technique
2. Better prep
3. Better lather
4. Better karma

Taken together: BETTER, BETTER, BETTER!!! :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
I had the same problem as @Mitzie for decades. I thought that my skin was very sensitive, so much so that I only shaved three days a week. That was with various cartridge type razors. I later switched to DE razors. That helped but still not totally comfortable and still only three times a week.

After switched to SR's and perfected my technique, all my problems were solved! Now it's daily shaves and even more often if I can.
I was always under the impression I had sensitive skin as I would always develope a bunch of red splotches after shaving. In the last couple of years, I finally realized that I don't have sensitive skin, but was suffering from razor rash from going over the same spots multiple times. Remdied that by using quite aggressive razorsnor straights. 2 passes and done. No irritation at all.
Same. I’ve sported a full beard or some variation most of the time as shaving gave my skin too many problems, especially below the jawline. I started DE shaving in March of this year and began to observe what experienced guys already knew. Beard mapping and my hair pattern below my jawline so I could consistently go WTG then XTG made a significant difference for me. Several months ago I brought my SR’s back into rotation and now use them exclusively. I do two passes, get it close and comfortable and leave it at that. I shave everyday because it actually feels good now, zero irritation.
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