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Perfect lather, Finaly

Okay, so, ive been shaivng with a straight and with de;s for about a year now, and was always pretty happy with my lather, everything about it except the quantity, also, i found it dried out very quickly but it was slick, and it cushioned very well, aslmost too well to let the blade on my face,

anywyas, i;ve been seeing all these things about perfect lather building, and i found out what i was doing wrong, i always thought my bowl was a bit small, i;m using a crabtree and evelyn wood bowl, that i have taken the soap out of and put into a old spice mug, i know it is a bit on the small side, but i realized my mane problem was not enough water, now i can use half the soap get better results and and a much much slicker lather, that still has semi stiff peaks and only takes a couple seconds longer to whip up,

thanks alot b & B, my next thing to do is try face lathering, if i can do it with a shave stick i dont see why it would be harder with soap, i think i just need the extra water to get those breat gobs of lather , the creamy mereingue peaks and dollops that everyone talks about :)

now i just need to get my straight honed and i will be in the best of buisiness :cool:
Very nice :thumbup: Great lather makes all the difference.
You shouldn't have any problems face lathering since you know what the lather should feel and look like.
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