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PerfecDraw and lighters

This tool works well. There are cheaper options but I went with the name brand type as it is only $10 to $15 more than the others. A dentist designed it and Rush Limbaugh liked it a lot.

I just finished a Padron and screwed the tool into the last third of an inch of the cigar from the side. Smoked it down to a half inch. I tried a toothpick but got a cramp in my hand from holding it.

It works better than the narrow Philips head screwdriver /slightly wider than the PerfecDraw/ I had been using to improve the draw. The screwdriver was causing the cigar to sometimes split the wrapper from pressure. The PerfecDraw also removes tobacco if you pull it straight out and do not rotate it. You screw the tool into the cigar like a drill. I have been going about two inches in but you can go all the way thru.

Also in the box is a Xikar Tech single flame lighter. The tool has a carry tube it screws into which is above the tool in the pic. Two Visol triple flame lighters and a Bic above the box. The Visol lighters were free with a purchase of a 2 boxes of Cigars from Holt's, they are the least expensive of the Visol line. They work well but the tank is small or the triple flame uses fuel fast, maybe both. I have to refill them in a day or two of use. I relight cigars a lot. The Tech goes over a week without refilling. I think the single flame is more fuel efficient but not sure.

The Tech is around $34 shipped so I got 3 of them. I guess they stop working after a few years but Xikar has a lifetime warranty. Either way I should be good to go. The PerfecDraw was $32.27 shipped. The Bic works ok if there is no wind but takes a bit of time to light the cigar if you do not puff on it while the flame is on the cigar. I prefer not to puff on the cigar while lighting it. Butane phobia I guess.

If there are some other pocket size lighters with large tanks that are good feel free to mention them. I feel I am likely set with what I have.
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