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Per Momma Bear - How to keep SWMBO amused with laundry

Momma Bear asked me to pass this private message thread along to the gentlemen. :)


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Default Re: *cheers*
Darling, you have had me lasting hysterically with your posts for the last day... this is the last straw... I have tears rolling down my face at this moment and sprayed sangria all over my monitor.....

God help us all!!!! lmao


Sue (Mama Bear)

Originally Posted by Tinzien
I tried out the Arabian Spice dropped onto a facecloth and tossed into the dryer trick tonight while doing laundry. I'm happy, if amused, to report that my girlfriend has run off with the other scents I ordered from you and is sitting by the dryer wanting to try more of them out.

The sad news is she is making a mess of my clean clothes so I have to rewash and dry them... each with a new scent. sigh.

At least I have her down to one sock at a time.
Watching my girlfriend play scents and socks in the dryer would be pretty funny!

Unless my wife showed up!:w00t:
You'd still get to roll a savings throw against the wife though because you are being domestic by doing laundry (awww sweet) and wise because you hired a ... umm... domestic au pair mentor to help you not put um... chlorine bleach on your black socks :001_rolle while doing the laundry (awww sweet).....

(A la John Lovittz from SNL years ago) Yeah, yeah... domestic tutoring.. yeah that's the ticket! :w00t:
PS: The comments contained as part of the Domestic Tutoring Plan (TM pending) have not been validated or reviewed by the FDA, NWA (Flava Flav boyeeeeee), the Pope or your SWMBO.

All parties agree to hold Tinzien not accountable for use or results of using the DTP unless it's to high-five because you got the SWMBO willingly in bed (or clean laundry pile) WITH you and the domestic au-pair for some hot uh... wetshaving lather... um.. action. :blush:

Hm.... I just sensed a disturbance in the Force... momma bear must have just spewed vodka w/ lime over her other monitor.
Nope... that would be the second coat of Sangria, but I am definately moving along to something stronger now...... :eek: lmao

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