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Penny Blue XO Rum

Not familiar with this brand. But the bottle looks classy.


If you're ready to distance yourself from the occasional rum and Coke but don't want to give up on the sugar cane spirit altogether, Penny Blue XO Rum ($80) should rise to the top of your list. Made at the oldest distillery in Mauritius, where you'll find a sugar cane estate that has been making rum since 1926, Penny Blue is named after the world's rarest stamp, and this rum is very limited as well, with only 2500 bottles making it to US shelves. Each batch is unique as well, some aged in American oak whiskey casks while others spent time in French oak Cognac casks. We're pretty certain you don't want to put this rum anywhere near a bottle of soda.


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Sounds interesting, but expensive. You can buy a lot of really good rums before you get to one in the $80 range.
Strange that you play Russian roulette on whether you get a whiskey barrel-aged or Cognac barrel-aged batch though. I gotta imagine they taste significantly different.
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