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Penhaligon's ups the ante!

I got the Blenheim Bouquet cream off ebay and just shaved with it Maybe I was expecting too much but I'm a little bit underwhelmed really.

On the plus side, the scent is out of this world - It's Blenheim Bouquet afterall.


It's the first cream I've come across that's needed more than showing to my PJ3 to get to explode into lather. Got there in the end though and the shave wasn't bad. Certainly not as close as I get with Coates, Castle Forbes, Trumpers or Harris.

I've had better is my first impression. I'll give it the benefit of the doubt until I've tried it again a couple of times though. If I feel the same then it will be going very cheap in the Sales forum.
I wondered who snapped that up, I was watching it for a while but couldn't decide whether to go for it or not!
So I finally got a chance to visit the Penhaligon's store at the mall. It's one of only three in the US, so I feel privaledged to live so close to one. Very nice store. And they had the shaving cream. Quite a few to pick from as well. I saw Endymion and 1870 and a few others. $30 + tax for a tube. In general, the store's prices were very good.

Speaking of 1870, is that not a FANTASTIC scent. That one just jumped up to the top of my future-aqcuisition list.

An no, I didn't come home with anything but a few samples. :eek:


moses said:
Alright, I guess I'm gonna have to try this.... DAMN the SCAD.

Anyway, anybody know if any brick and mortar store in NYC carries it? Not knowing the Penhaligon's scents, I would like to sniff before buying....

Especially would love to hear that Pastuer's carries it (dangerous as it is for me to go there).

Was just at Pasteurs on Sat. Don't think they had it. There is a Penhaligons store at 870 Madison Ave. Should be located somewhere in the high 60's low 70's. Wayne
Scotto said:

I got a hold of a couple of tubes of Penhaligon's shave cream, and let me tell you this stuff kicks *** like nothing else. The lather is super thick and unctuous, the scents are classic, and the shave is slick and smooth. Just awesome stuff. English Fern is already my favorite scent, now having the shave cream, I am in heaven. If you can find some (no easy task), it behooves you to pick some up.
Well Scotto,
I would say that is rather effusive praise. I tried my Douro shave cream today, Ah, remember one must layer to do justice to a fragrance. I'd say that the shave cream kicks booty damn good! Very nice stuff. Keep your Castle Forbes and gimme the Penhaligon's.
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