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Penhaligon's Anthology Series

Take a look at this thread on Basenotes.

I stopped into Saks a little while ago to check out the Extract of Limes. All I can say is, wow. :w00t: A strong, clean, fresh lime opening. Some sweetness there, but tartness too. This mellows out within 5 minutes or so to a lovely, limey-with-a-little-sweetness citrus scent with just a hint of floral that stays close to the skin.

Very impressive. :thumbup:

Right now they only have testers of the 4 fragrances (Extract of Limes, Eau de Verveine, Gardenia & Night Scented Stock). They don't even have samples. The saleswoman told me she hopes to have some samples in stock within a couple of weeks. The actual bottles of product won't be in the store until Sept.

The fragrances will only come in 100ml flacons priced @ $130. And apparently it's a limited run -- once they're gone, they're gone.

Gents, if you're a fan of lime frags you owe it to yourself to check this stuff out. It's worth it.
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I sprayed some of the Limes on my wrist about an hour ago. And like most quality citrus frags, it's almost gone. :frown: I can still smell it -- just -- but this seems like it would burn off pretty quickly. That's the downside.

The upside is that this stuff smells so freaking good I'd buy it anyway. :biggrin: Plus, don't forget I'm only talking about a little spray on one wrist. I'm sure it would last somewhat longer with several sprays to the body, and especially if a little of the juice enters the fabric of your shirt.
If it's the same Pen Limes from the 80's & 90's, it should last at least 4 hours. Unlike Trumpers that lasts on my person about 45 minutes. The Pen purchase will probably be worth it.
In your earlier post, you mentioned these will be sold in flacons only, which I took to mean they won't be sold in spray bottles. Was the spray you tried just for the tester?

No. The bottles have built-in atomizers. I was using the word "flacon" interchangeably with "bottle," perhaps in error. These scents are packaged in a standard 100ml Penhaligon's bottle.

According to my dictionary, the meaning of "flacon" is a small stoppered bottle, especially one for perfume. Substitute an atomizer for the stopper and it's the same thing. :biggrin::blushing: Isn't it?
According to my dictionary, the meaning of "flacon" is a small stoppered bottle, especially one for perfume. Substitute an atomizer for the stopper and it's the same thing. :biggrin::blushing: Isn't it?

Thanks for the clarification. Although I'm a little disappointed they don't come in stoppered bottles, with Penhaligon's strength, sprays might be the better option anyway. I have a spray bottle of Creed GIT (EdP strength), and one spray is almost too much. When I later leared that GIT does come in an actual flacon, I was bummed I hadn't gotten it instead. A little dab really will do me of that stuff, and using the stopper to apply it would be ideal. Not to mention, Creed's flacons are just darn classy looking. Then again, the bottle is so huge (not to mention expensive) I probably wouldn't finish it up in my lifetime. Anyway, thanks for the review of the lime. Sounds like nice stuff. Too bad I'm not in NYC to check it out.
I didn't spray on the Verveine but I did take a sniff of it. Very interesting -- citrus tones resting on a herbaceous bed. Nice. I think they have some real winners here.

I'm wearing this right now, picked up a bunch of samples last week from a Penhaligon's store.
It's really nice, fresh but not sharp citrus top notes with softly spicy musk undertones.
Like all Penhaligon's frags, it doesn't last more than about 4 hours but it's very nice while it's there.
My real discovery was Elixir. Quite different from any of their other frags, I'd liken it to a fresher version of L'Artisan Timbuktu that's perfect for summer (if the L'Artisan is for winter) but different and interesting enough for me to own both...
It would be nice if Londons Bathecary had a scent library of these, I'm really interested in the Limes and Verveine. Not sure I want to spend $130 at Londons, which equals $140 because of tax since I live in VA. Has anyone found it cheaper in the US?
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