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Pendergrass Bay?

I received three pucks of sandalwood shave soap on Monday from a company called Pendergrass Bay. Has anyone heard of this manufacturer previously? I've been unable to find any information about this company, but have seen it sold at multiple shops online. I'll be using it for the first time tomorrow morning and will write a review. But, frankly, my sights are set low.
Hi Karl. Wow, I thought I woud be the first to mention this soap. I bought a bar of it about a week ago. The scent is very weak and not sandalwood like at all. I tried lathering it up three different times and could not get a stable lather. It was "soft" lather like you'd expect from a shave soap but had no backbone. Shave was horrid. Now let me say right now that this may NOT be your experience so don't let mine cloud your testing. It strikes me that this soap would be much better with soft water. I may add a 1/4 tsp. of borax to my lathering bowl and try it again. It does make a nice hand and face soap. I gave $4.95 for my cake at a local store.

Regards, Todd
When I first set eyes on the package I just had a bad feeling about it. The packaging looks very third-rate, and upon opening the soap the feel and look of it just didn't seem good. I could smell it through the wrapping, and at that time it seemed the scent was pretty nice, but now that it's unwrapped I can barely place the scent as sandalwood. I'm very disappointed as this leaves me without a sandalwood for the foreseeable future, but I shouldn't get ahead of myself as I have yet to lather it.

After I use it tomorrow I'll post here again and we can compare notes. Maybe we'll have to team up and write a review to warn others off of it.
Hi Todd. I used this soap today, and as you can read in my review it was nothing short of awful. I'm going to be placing these three pucks in the garbage and chalk it up as a lesson learned.
This was my fear with this soap as well. As was suggested, don't trash it. Use it for hand washing and bathing.

Regards, Todd
The sad part is I'm not even sure it's fit for bathing! But, it might, just might, qualify as a hand soap for my kitchen. I don't think I'd want any guests to come in contact with it in my bathroom. Sorry...I'm sounding really negative. I'm just annoyed that I'm without a sandalwood soap, and am not yet willing to order and pay shipping for new soaps just yet. Grrr.....
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