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Pendergrass Bay Sandalwood Saving Soap

Ok, so I was ordering something from Amazon a few weeks back, and I needed another five or six bucks to get to the magic "Free Super-Saver Shipping" plateau, so, of course, I went-a-lookin fer one a dem' pretty shavin' soaps.

What I decided to try was this:
Pendergrass Bay Sandalwood Shaving Soap

I paid six bucks.

I would post some pictures, but my 3-year old girl had a sleep-over last night, and frankly I'm happy that I still have a house; I'm not gonna push my luck by pulling out my camera. ANYway...

The puck is well packaged in a small lavender colored box. Upon unwrapping the product, the smell of sandalwood filled the air. Seems like a nice puck. Took no time at all to whip up a dense, long-lasting, and nice smelling lather. I usually use(and love) the Williams, so as you can imagine this level of frothiness was quite pleasing to me. The shave itself was awesome; not a nick or cut anywhere, although I did need to add a tad more water to the lather at one point.

I've shaved with this puck now three times, and have no complaints at all. The prices isn't so bad, the lather is awesome, and the shave is mostly BBS (the non-BBS parts I'm sure are my fault). The smell of sandalwood is VERY pronounced, at least I think so.

If I had to pick something to whine about, it's that the soap could be slicker. IMHO Williams Mug Soap, for all of its shortcomings, has slickness by the ton... and I guess I'm used to it. But it's nothing a little warm water in the mix won't help.

I have the same soap that came with a mug I bought and I get the same results as you, I think it lathers like crazy( with the right brush), gives me a good shave, but could be a little slicker. I actually like the scent, as you said, VERY pronounced. I've thought about adding some glycerin to it and see if it helps, but for the price you can't really complain.

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