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Hello gentlemen,

I recently stumbled onto this area of the site and after reading only a few threads I became very interested in fountain pens!

I remembered that I had received one as a gift 4-5 years ago and I went and pulled it out of storage, it is made out of pewter, I know it was bought in a shop that specializes in all kinds of items made with this metal alloy (pewter). It seems to be well made, it feels nice and heavy and it writes nicely.

The nib reads "Iridium Point" Germany. But there are no other words anywhere on the pen, I am curious to find out what brand it may be?

Here are 2 pics, any help will be appreciated:

$2014-01-29 13.17.19.jpg$2014-01-29 13.17.37.jpg
No idea who made the pen, but "Iridium Point Germany" is kind of generic catch-all name that may or may not indicate that the nib was made in Germany. There's a lot of inexpensive Chinese pens that use nibs with that label, but most of them have no connection at all to Deutschland.
It's a nice looking pen and if it writes well and you enjoy using it, then I suggest you call it the "Pewter Pen." :thumbup1:
"Iridium Point Germany" is more likely code for made in China with the tipping material possibly sourced from Germany. Possibly. Not that this is necessarily a bad omen for the pen. Are there any markings on the converter or inside the barrel?
There are a good number of parts that look like they are from a Rockler turning kit, in a custom body of course. if it writes good thats all that matters.
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