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Pecksniff's shave cream


This is my 1st post on the site (I'm a recent convert to wetshaving). I've now had 6 shaves so far, each better then the last :001_smile

I came across the above in a discount store yesterday. It has come down from £20 to £5.99.

Any opinions on this gents? It seemed more like a soap then a cream to me, but the smell - citrus - was very appealing.

Much appreciated

Hi Awais
Ihave only seen 1 review of the Pecksniff's "cream" and I don't recall it as being particularly favourable. I am assuming you are in the UK? If so have a look in TK Maxx. My local one has a reasonable selection of Taylor's creams at good prices.

Thanks Brian. Coincidence that as just the other day i picked up two tubs of taylors avocado from nearby tk maxx (yup live in UK) one for me and one for my brother

The avocado cream was awesome stuff - joint 1st place with Tabac soap :thumbup:

I am planning to check out the other tk maxxs' further afield to see if i can pick up some more bargains!

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