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Pears Transparent (India)


Girls call me Makaluod
I have been pre-shave washing my face with Pears Transparent (India) for about a month now. This morning I thought that I would give it a go as my face-lathering soap for shaving. I SR shave.

After washing (with Pears Transparent) and rinsing my face, I applied the Pears soap to my face as I would a shahing-soap stick, and lathered up. I found the lather to be very slick and initially it worked well. Where it failed for me was that it quickly dried out. I had to re-lather before I had even finished my first WTG pass.

After my first pass, I re-lathered with my Palmolive shave cream to complete the shave.

I will not use Pears Transparent again for shaving, however it was interesting to try it out.
Pears has been my bath/shower/hand soap for 50 years. I tried it once for DE shaving, and it was lousy. I'll stick to my usual suspects (Speick cream today.)
Picked up a bar of pears today, but I wouldn't use it for shaving. A couple of years ago I did use a bar of Wright's Coal Tar Soap to shave with, it was thin, but if you were fast enough it was possible to complete a pass.
It was still better than the Wilkinson sword blue puck.
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