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paypal / ebay issues? anyone have this happen?

i bought a item off ebay (a 10$ netgear router power supply) and i just went to pay someone for products on the bst and learned my paypal was frozen? i called paypal and they said it was due to the seller's account being "fraud" (the person i spoke with did not speak very good english) and because of this my account is now temporarily "limited". i dont see why my account should be limited because i bought something from a listing on ebay? the rep said he would start a dispute for the item and get the funds refunded but it could take 24-72 hours (or longer in some cases) to resolve this. this sucks. i told someone here in good faith i would buy something and now i can pay for it and i feel really bad about that. i have 100% ebay feedback and never once had a issue like this. i guess this seller scammed a number of people by using a stolen ebay account to sell misc stuff. but why penalize me as the buyer?

sorry for venting but this is really annoying.

has anyone ever had this happen and is this normal in this type of case? or should i call and scream and try to get it resolved quicker?

thanks for any input.
I think you are perceiving it incorrectly maybe. By limiting your account, they are probably trying to protect you. In other words, it is inconvenient for you, but until they get it resolved, no one can make any large fraudulent purchases against your account. It is like a credit card company putting a fraud watch on your account, if I am understanding it correctly.
yeah i guess i see your point there. and yes that seems to be what they explained to me. just frustrating when i want to buy something and see i cant. my thoughts were that no one was trying to make a purchase using my account. its that i bought and paid for something from a ebay seller who was using (from what the paypal rep said) a fraudulent ebay account. they did not have any of my info or attempt to use my account up till now. so i just didnt see whay they would do this to the buyer in that case. Ive calmed down now and guess i was just really annoyed about the whole situation.

thank you for the response
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I recently sold something they froze the payment due to my limited selling let me say I have been an ebayer since 01 with a 100% rating it annoyed me too.
thanks for the responses so i at least i know im not the only one. im still waiting for them to resolve this and getting kind of annoyed more this is taking so long. this should be able to be resolved quicker than this imo. they should just have you change your password etc and verify the account info and that its really you and unlock the account.
they claim to be fixing this asap because now i have ebay items i have sold and had to call them and let them know they need to fix this asap. we will see how long it actually takes them now. :angry:
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