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Wonderful surprise in the mail today. My mom (who made 90yo on July 1) in California sent these 2 razors she found that belonged to my grandfather. She included a note describing remembering him shave with the door open because of the New Orleans heat.
I haven't had a chance to identify and date them. The brass one is a gillette but the second has no markings at all. I'm also suspicious that the handle is not original to the head. Any info is appreciated. 20180724_083639.jpg

Material things mean little in and of themselves and have but passing value. It's the family connections that make something priceless and an heirloom. You have a priceless heirlooms. Cherish them, use them to remember your past, and pass it on yourself one day.


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Nice to have family heirlooms to shave with and to pass on to the next generation. Enjoy them.
The brass colored one appears to be a Gillette NEW, made circa 1930 to 1941. It's a fine razor, well respected on the forum, and it shaves well.

It should clean up well with just a 30 minute soak in warm soapy water, and then a gentle scrub with a soft old tooth brush. Don't use any professional cleaners, as any remaining gold is very thin.


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I love things like this. Thanks for sharing.

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I always say, there's nothing better than an heirloom razor. I love the patina on the Gillette NEW, and i think you are correct that the handle for the old-type head is not the original one. Still, something to be cherished and passed on.
Thanks a wonderful story, David. My grandpa's straight went missing when the vultures relatives swooped down on the house after he died.
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