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Paul Smith or alternatives?

Thinking about treating myself in a few months (my Birthday is in March) to a nice causal shirt/ or something else, which isnt completely run of the mill and worn by every 10th person you see walking the streets.

Does anyone own any of his items of clothing? The prices arent cheap but I would like to get something that will last and stay in decent condition after being worn, washed & ironed etc. multiple times.

Does spending that much on a shirt really guarantee it will retain its fit & quality for longer than something a lot cheaper? Any other alternatives/designers/vintage websites would be appreciated if you do regard them well. My heart is not set on Paul Smith but every once in a while I find myself flitting onto his website and enjoying a lot of what I see there.

Thanks in advance.
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Just been looking at the Schott website, this looks really nice, any schott owners here that can comment on the quality of their products?


I don't have experience with Paul Smith but I have read a couple of good reviews in this forum.
When I am looking for a "treat" I often consider the fabric.
Baselayer: merino wool (Ibex, Icebreaker)
Shirt: pima, supima and/or mercerized cotton (great feel, drapes nicely) I bought a Robert Barakett pima cotton t-shirt that is buttery soft.
Thanks for the reply^

Will look into some of those materials mentioned, "buttery soft" sounds perfect and something that would be great to wear on the skin. Thanks!
Just had a look on the John Varvatos website, tonnes of really nice (if expensive) gear

I have a Paul Smith dress shirt sort of a tan, blue and purple multistripe. It's made in Italy and very expensive when I bought it.

If you're looking to treat yourself, how about Thomas Pink?
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I'd recommend Ascot Chang, if shirts are being considered. Go get yourself measured on your next trip to LA or NYC, or their pret-a-porter stuff is very nice as well. These shirts are my go-to when I want/need/can afford something nicer than Brooks. And they are having a great sale right now.

Paul Smith can be tricky to fit imo, you should be aware if you don't have anything by him already. If you are 6'2 and weigh 160, the clothes will look great, but any deviation from tall-and-thin and you take your chances. You can tailor anything to "fit" you of course, but the proportions won't be right. The plus of Smith for your purposes is that the clothes often have something quirky about them that signals the brand (usually the wild prints or colors in the lining of their ties and suits, or a "double row" of eyelets on their shoes, for example). Very po-mo.


I have a pair of glasses that I made into prescription sunglasses. Id love Ascot Chang and may check them out when in NYC next.
Found an old thread with a link to these manufacturers, unfortunately the videos no longer work :sad: But I am going to have a hunt around and see what company websites I can dig up. I might find a gem in among them all.


Mackintosh - http://www.mackintosh-uk.com/

Joshua Ellis - www.joshuaellis.co.uk/
John Smedley - www.johnsmedley.com/
Sunspel - www.sunspel.com/
James Homer - http://www.ettinger.co.uk/

Corgi - http://www.corgihosiery.co.uk/
Fox Brothers - http://www.foxflannel.com/index.php

John Lobb - www.johnlobb.com/

Drakes - www.drakes-london.com/
RBJ Simpson - http://www.rbjsimpson.co.uk/
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