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Pau rosa- finest bulb

Seems like it ought to be pau laranja to me. Never made anything with this wood before that I remember. I have worked and spent a lot of time in Brazil and when I saw this I wanted to try just for the name. Pau means stick/log and rosa is pink, but this looks more orange to me. Funny thing was that calling someone pau was sort of an insult down there - you can probably figure it out.

Had much nicer design and shape.....until I dropped it 98% done and had to chuck back up and make some unwanted “corrections”. Oh well, came out usable but a little more bland than planned.

FC68DC35-F0D0-4CC6-A03D-FCBAE4665DA6.jpeg 0CDC61A5-9822-4967-AA75-2CE6DB8CF4F3.jpeg 1915FCD4-65DC-497C-BD79-525D2B00796D.jpeg 6BBEDF80-7BC4-4059-A893-A817462EC0A2.jpeg
Thanks guys. But you know, I keep looking at it and I am just not pleased. Just don’t like the lines. It’s funny how the little things can make a difference. I think I may have to try and rechuck this and do a rework or put in the scrap pile. I know me, and if I am not happy with it now then it is not likely to grow on me. Why have a brush you don’t like, especially if you can make anything (or at least try). I look at it and I think to myself that I made better candle holders on the lathe when I was 8 years old so why accept it now :)
@LJS I get that. Sometimes it's hard to except something that doesn't line up with the picture in we had in our heads. If you're not happy with it it's at least worth rechucking unless you have tons of nice wood laying around why waist a good piece that still has potential and most the work done. You could also part it in half if you like one side and do a glue up with a contrasting piece of wood. Just my 2¢.
Thanks guys. @GAW9576, I’m in that same camp 100%. Actually, I do have a lot of really nice wood I used to pick up traveling globally for business. Africa, South Am, and Central Am I made a habit of getting a few bits n bobs here and there while convenient. That said, this one I can most likely rechuck and rework and have an idea how to shape like I would prefer. If that fails then it goes to the scrap bin.....but around here the scrap bin is one of the first places I go for materials :) It won’t go to waste. Like I said, the nice part of being able to make anything you want.....is being able to make anything you want :)
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