Patchouli Musk has joined us this afternoon!

Discussion in 'Stone Cottage Shaving' started by MilfordNJGuy, Oct 16, 2018.

  1. MilfordNJGuy

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    I have wanted to do this scent for a long time! I have a Musk fragrance that I really like working with and some Patchouli Essential oil which goes so nicely with it so here it is!

    Patchouli Musk - Patchouli has met its match with the masculine fragrance of Musk! A complimentary blend of these two elements creates pure magic by combining these two exotic scents together creating one which is sultry, sweet and sensual!

    Available in our Shaving Cream Sample Packs now!

    Shaving Cream Sample Pack

    We now have 26 new scents!
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  2. I'm guessing you probably have more scents available than anyone at this point!
  3. MilfordNJGuy

    MilfordNJGuy Vendor

    Maybe! We are at 45 total, as of today! What should I add tomorrow? Hmmmm... Let me think....
  4. Beer scented? Jet fuel? Pencil shavings from elementary? (Ok - I admit it - I would be HORRIBLE at choosing scents.) :001_302:
  5. How about this in an aftershave too :001_302:
  6. MilfordNJGuy

    MilfordNJGuy Vendor

    How about "Dirt", Snurgblat?
    Anything is possible!
  7. Make it an aftershave and soap combo....ill be first in line.
  8. MilfordNJGuy

    MilfordNJGuy Vendor

    What kind of soap?
  9. This one....Patchouli musk
  10. MilfordNJGuy

    MilfordNJGuy Vendor

    Handcrafted Soap, Shaving Soap or Shaving Cream?
  11. Shaving soap.
  12. MilfordNJGuy

    MilfordNJGuy Vendor

    In the future I might add some of these scents to the shaving soap offerings...
  13. Do the aftershave and ill buy it with the cream....i prefer soap but if its only in a cream im good with it.

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