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Passing HHT and tree top hairs, but still tugging…!

I consider my straight razors well prepared for a comfortable shave when they easily pass HHT and forearm tree top. But the razors are still tugging. I have stropped them well and even put them to a stone again, but still not comfortable shaves. To me it’s a mystery… Any suggestions?
Yes, one major suggestion. You must prep well. Try one of those razors after a hot shower where you thoroughly wet and soap up your beard. Then apply a moist hot towel to your beard for a minute or two. Personally, I like to rewash my beard after a shower with Medicine Man Beard Wash. I'm hoping this will help you.
I feel like we need more information here. You say "I consider my straight razors well prepared for a comfortable shave when they easily pass HHT and forearm tree top." Are you basing that on having had good shaves off other razors that HHT and treetop well, and you just have a subset that aren't working for you? Are you doing all your own honing or do you have edges done by others for reference? How long have you been straight shaving?

Final question: are you stretching your skin religiously with your off hand? The sharpest straight will skip and tug if you're not stretching the skin taut.
Prep obsessively. Wash with glycerine soap, shower, put on preshave in the shower. Or use a really hot towel. Makes a world of difference.
A razor can pass a hair test but not be sharp enough to shave. Hair test only test a fraction of the edge at a time.

It could have a partial edge or you could have rolled the edge while stropping.

Post photos of both sides of the razor for better advise.


Ask me about shaving naked!
You may not have the bevel properly set and finished along the whole length of the edge. Are you HHT testing every millimeter of the edge? A loupe and a bright light will tell you.
OP what razor(s)? I feel as though I'm decent at honing, and I've brought over a dozen vintage razors back to life. Most of them give excellent shaves. I was reminded today that one... well just doesn't. And this despite my best efforts to make it behave. It shaves, and fairly close, but it tugs and isn't very comfortable. You aren't playing around with a frederick reynolds are you?
What is your bevel angle? Even a Feather artist club blade tugs more then my sr's. I think the main reason for this is the obtuse bevel angle (>19 deg).
If parts of the bevel is not set properly, that can also be a problem.
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