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Pass around the cyanide capsules...


No no no. I used to love my trip to Wagga Bunnings. Wagga is a one hour drive away and it used to be fun to time it with lunch and get a sausage sandwich or two and wander around looking for what I wanted. It won’t be the same. Not happy.
I only have them once, and like them...
I am more worried about taking 3 (three) weeks to get a small pack of toilet papers. Yes, that concerns me a lot....
No toilet paper?
Go to your local Opportunity/Church shop and get some old towels
Rip them up into rag sized pieces and use and reuse
Nappy bucket in the laundry sink
Once you have a load add 1/2 cup bleach to your washing machine and start the fill cycle, add & wash

Old flannelette gives the most luxurious wipe

Ask anyone caught short in the bush with only the sleeves of their shirt

Seriously though, there are ways and means

Throw out the rags if you must but don’t flush them, it causes sewer blockages