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Pass Around / Give Away Roughout Horsehide Strop Free Sign Up

I stropped a bunch more razors of varying makes and sizes (Dovo, Le Grelot, Case Red Imp, Tanifuji) all with excellent results. One more tomorrow and then it'll be off to @Forged. Thanks again to @Tony Miller for the opportunity.

Strop arrived late today, thanks to @Cleanface for passing it on to me, and @Tony Miller for the opportunity.

Looking forward to getting some laps in during the next week and seeing what the Roughout and Linen are all about.
OK, I’ve been stropping up a storm over here on the Roughout and Linen - enjoying the heck out of both! Sadly my time with the strop is nearly at an end and it appears I am…..

So I guess this is last call for anyone who still wants to have a go at it before @Tony Miller does the giveaway?

Starting tomorrow I will be ready to box up the Roughout and ship it within 24hrs, once I know where to send it. Someone is going to get a great strop!

Tony Miller

Okay guys, if no one else jumps on the list over the weekend I will start a random drawing on Tuesday to see who gets to keep the Roughout. Glad everyone got to try it out and it gives me good feedback on how it performs.
Stropped 3 more razors on the Roughout earlier today - 2 Dovos and a Ralf Aust - but somehow I will buck up and bear the burden of hanging onto the Roughout until next week. I’ve got some honing to do, so I’ll be making the most of the extra time.

That said, I’ll have the Roughout boxed up and ready to go by the time Tony announces the winner.

I really have enjoyed this strop. It’s much smoother than I expected, which is not a bad thing at all - no worries whatsoever about it beating up edges. Love both the velvety feel and mellow sound while stropping. It’s interesting to switch between the Roughout and Notovan strops - draw and sound feedback are pretty radically different, yin and yang. I dig the contrast between the two, they make a good pairing for someone looking at more than one strop.

Regarding the 2nd element, this was my first time stropping on linen and I’m definitely a fan. Again this was smoother and softer than I was expecting for some reason. Apparently my preconceptions are :censored: Tony sourced some nice material here, not too thin, not stretchy or scratchy, very nice indeed. My new favorite non-leather strop.

If there is anyone out there reading this thread who hasn’t tried the Roughout/Linen but has been thinking about it, I’d encourage you to jump on this final opportunity while you still can!

Tony Miller

When I am back home tonight I will compile a list of participants and do a random drawing to see who wins the Pass Around Roughout.

Thanks guys for participating and all the valuable feedback on how it performs

Tony Miller

Okay, the line up is:

1 @RumpleBearskin - Done and shipped
2 @MilkCrate - Done and shipped
3 @trentr -Done and shipped
4 @LJS -Done and shipped
5 @Boz -Done and shipped
6 @Frank Shaves -Done and shipped
7 @Luecke2326 - Done and shipped
8 @2bit_collie - Done and shipped
9 @Ky K - In possession
10 @Cleanface
11 @Forged

I will use an online random number generator (www.randomnumbergenerator.com) and pick a winner now.

And the winner is........Number 6 @Frank Shaves

Congrats Frank ! I think Forged is in possession of the strop now and will be sending it your way. If you two will contact each other that will make the transfer easier.

I am working with another new leather, a European Bridle, a nice natural color waxed bridle leather from Europe, medium weight, 7 oz or so and somewhat firm temper like my steerhide but thinner so it breaks in and gets more flexible with use. I will probably do another Pass Around with it in August. I will post details here when I am ready to get it started. Might do this in a traditional 2 1/2" x 24" plain end old time barber strop style so guys can try out that design as well as the new leather.
Cool, glad to hear the Roughout arrived and you are enjoying it. I liked that strop so much I went ahead and ordered one!

I like it so much I’m thinking of adding it to my strop now the same way Kanayama has cloth, suede then finish leather.

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