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Pass Around / Give Away Roughout Horsehide Strop Free Sign Up

This could become addictive, really enjoy stropping on it.

Questions for Tony - should we be rubbing the surface with our hands? How can they be cleaned?
I received the strop from @Boz yesterday afternoon - in time for my evening shave. So far I have stropped two razors: TI 6/8 inch half hollow, and Friodur 17 7/8 inch stainless steel. The TI, which I used for my shave, was sharp and smooth. After stropping, both razors are popping hairs with a gentle sweep.

I have only used two other strops: a $10 Chinese strop with a very light draw and my Tony Miller 3 inch Horween Veg Tanned Horsehide Plain Vanilla value strop with cotton cloth.

It took me a minute to adjust to the heavier draw of the Roughout pass around strop. First impressions. I like the draw. The pass around strop is thinner than my value strop. Not sure what I think about the thickness yet. I much prefer the linen on the pass around than the cotton on my value strop.

I will do some more stropping later today and tomorrow, and then reply with more impressions.

@Luecke2326, Can you PM me your mailing address.
I ended up stropping three more razors on the roughout strop: J.A. Henckels (carbon steel) 17, TI 7/8 inch singing hollow, and Wade & Butcher 7/8 inch near wedge. The strop did a great job on all of the razors. The heavier draw really shines on the thicker grinds, especially on the Wade & Butcher near wedge. And, again, I really like the linen.

To summarize, I really like Tony's strops. Great design and quality. Thanks, Tony, for providing us with the opportunity to try the strop!
Hi everyone! I received the Rough out strop on Friday, right before I went out of town for a three day Turkey/Morel hunt. I stropped on it yesterday afternoon and today. I like the buttery feel and the extra draw of the horse hide and the flax linen is pretty nice too(thinner than I was expecting). My wife is from Belarus, where they make A LOT of products from flax linen and I really enjoy those products as well. Great looking strop too! So far I've stropped 2 razors on it, both were full hollows. I'm honing up some wedges this evening and they will get try the strop out as well. I'm hoping to ship the strop off to the next person by Thursday.

Thanks again @Tony Miller for the awesome pass around!

Hi All,
Just received the strop today! I had stopped stropping razors after use about a week ago, so have a good lineup waiting to go. For background - I have been using a SR for about 8 months and essentially have done 100% of my stropping on a single strop. Looking forward to trying something different! :)
Yes he did, I have it now and am running through razors. It’s a absolute joy to use.
Last week was a bell ringer and nothing got done but it’s about ready to head on to it’s next adventure.

Impressive piece. The work is all Tony Miller goodness. The leather is wonderful horween does such a great job and Tony’s finish is terrific, I use a Tomonagura type 1 strop personally for comparison and the draw is heavier with the rough out it is not as heavy as I was expecting and it is more supple also no wood plank. I’m wondering if over time the speed would increase as it naturally polishes in. I’m really having a hard time not becoming a leather addict in all of this.
The stamps are a really nice touch!
I am in love with the flax secondary piece he uses on this.
I have hard cotton, Solingen flax and a great piece of type 1 flax fire hose I love it has a very cool feeling and does a wonderful job but the flax Tony uses feels like silk and does a impeccable job. I know it’s not some people’s choice and some don’t use a secondary at all but if you like flax it’s And it’s good looking we can’t forget that. It too me is just a really nice touch and elevates the entire piece if it’s your thing.
You sure can’t beat the price of the plain vanilla either
Definitely would recommend the strop without hesitation.

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I thought I had published a review, but apparently not! I loved the linen, really liked the rough out, Both were quite new to me in terms of stropping surfaces. After discussions with Tony I ended up ordering a travel version - so 2” wide. I have been using it in rotation with my Kanayama. My primary strop had been a Razor Emporium, which has a handle, I like the D-ring more than the handle. I may go back to Tony for a 3”, I do like that width better than 2” or even 2-1/2”, but the 2” will be great for travel.

Tony Miller

Glad everyone is enjoying it. I do think the leather will burnish a bit with use but should still remain a bit heavier than a smooth leather. My only issues with the leather is color mottling. These will get some variation in color along the strop unlike the smooth Horween horsehide but as long as one can live with the cosmetics they work quite well.

The linen does have a nice feel and I feel it performs well. My original USA supplier/importer passed away last summer so I had to find my own source in Europe for this but it is worth the import trouble to be able to offer this.

Once the last fellow gets to give it a try and if no one else signs on I will do a drawing and see who gets to own it.
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