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Pass Around / Give Away Roughout Horsehide Strop Free Sign Up

Tony Miller

Hey guys, since the past 2 Pass Around / Give Away events went so well I am doing another one. This time I am sending out my Roughout Horsehide Heavy Draw Strop to make the rounds for anyone who wants to try one out. At the end of the Pass Around I will do a random drawing and one of the participants will get to own it. Anyone is welcome to get on the list. Each person gets to keep it for about a week and then is responsible to mail it to the next person on the list (please reuse the box I sent it in so it does not get rolled too tightly in amsaller boxc along the way). I will keep track of names on this thread and you can be added at any time.


Once it has made the rounds I will draw a random winner with the only exclusion being those who have already one on an earlier Pass Around / Give Away just to give someone new a chance each time. Due to high shipping costs this is limited to USA mambers only, sorry.

So, what is getting sent out is a 3" Roughout Horween Veg Tanned Horsehide strop with a fairly heavy draw compared to my other offerings. This one is "Plain" grade as I feel it is a little thin at one end for this design so only get the Horsehead stamp, not my Heirloom logo. It also has a 3" Genuine Flax Linen second component for those curious about how that feels and standard D-ring grips.

DSC_4025.JPG DSC_4026.JPG DSC_4028.JPG
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The rough-out strop arrived yesterday, and as always, Tony's work is simply beautiful. I'll use it through the weekend and post my observations before sending it along. (@MilkCrate, please PM me your address).

First impressions:
  • It's beautiful and and the rough-out texture and light color looks good amongst my other strops.
  • The leather is thinner than most of my other strops and it's more flexible in hand. Overall it feels "cuddly soft".
  • I've only used it once on an old Sheffield wedge, and the result was great. Though I'm not sure I got quite the same result as from my TM Steerdovan or my vintage Lama Brand. I plan to try several razors over the week.
  • First time using a true flax linen component. Jury is out until I have more experience with it. But it looks really cool.
Full disclosure, I'm in the FFFMM, so I'm only allowed to actually use one razor. I'll strop several and test them by Treetopping, but that's as far as I can go. Such is the life of a B&B devotee...


Midweek update...

I've now used the rough-out horsehide on multiple razors of different grinds. Overall this strop is just superb. I'd call it a medium-fast draw, but without the sensation of "slickness" and also not at all "magnetic". It really is "cuddly soft" to hold and to use. And it's got it's own kind of whispering sound in use. A very pleasant stop to use.

As for performance, I'm a little hampered by only being able to shave with one razor, my Joseph Rodgers, Celebrated India Steel. It's an old Sheffield wedge and the rough-out works quite well, but I prefer my Steerdovan or vintage Lama Brand for that razor.

In general I feel that the rough-out seems to give fantastic results with my full hollows (Dorko, Fili, Taylor's, Wacker), but only "very good" results with my wedges and heavier grinds (Packwood, Rodgers, Rigarazor, Greaves, Koraat).

I'll pack things up and post a final opinion this weekend.


Well ... The strop is officially on it's way to @MilkCrate as of this afternoon. Expected arrival is Tuesday (or Wednesday), I believe.

Final impressions:
  • Things stayed pretty consistent with my earlier impressions. After having returned to my Lama Brand strop this morning, I would now consider the Rough-out to be a "fast" draw with no hints of magnetism but not at all "slick" feeling. Still "cuddly soft" and joy to use.
  • I stropped a couple more wedges and full hollows, and my earlier impressions were borne out. I feel this strop is especially well suited to full hollows. Mind you my stropping style tends toward the "heavier" end of the pressure scale. A "lighter touch" may yield different results.
  • As I was using it the last time and my mind started to wander, It occurred to me that the "softer" rough-out surface may actually help prevent cuts and scrapes. I don't really have a logical basis for feeling that that may be true, but something tells me it is.
I haven't offered much on my thoughts on the flax component:
  • In the spirit of fairness, I religiously use the secondary component when stropping immediately after a shave. I see it as a way to dry the blade, and especially the edge, as fully as possible. But I do not feel that it adds much in terms of improving the edge. Certainly not as much as either stropping on leather or palm stropping.
  • With all that out in the open, I enjoyed the visual and textural difference of the flax component (as opposed to cotton), however the thinner material and looser weave left that component more "stretchy" in use. I found myself having to either use it unsupported by the leather component (made more difficult by my "heavy handed style") or twisting the D-rings at an odd angle to extend the flax component more than the leather component.
  • All in all, I appear to not be a fan of the flax linen as a secondary component.
Overall, I would say the Rough-out is an excellent strop. While I found it to excel with full hollow razors, it is certainly more than "just functional" with all grinds. As such, and assuming that it may actually be harder to "mess up", I'd have no problem recommending it as a "first stop". I'd also happily recommend it for those that like to "match" their razors with specific strops as the rough-out provides a unique stropping experience. But I'd go with Tony's cotton secondary rather then the flax linen; a purely personal choice and, as always, YMMV.

I'd like to thank @Tony Miller for the opportunity to try this strop. It's been fantastic! His willingness to support these pass-arounds, and the quality of the strops he has provided has been simply awesome. Thank you!
This is my first time using a rough-out and it’s fantastic. Once again Tony delivers a quality product.

I’ve had a chance to strop a couple of razors and I am really liking this strop. I don’t have any wedges, most of my razors are 1/2 hollow or thinner and I tend to strop on the lighter side of the scale. The only strop I have to compare this to is a steer hide with a cotten component.

First, the linen component on this strop is very nice. It is soft and flexible with a different feel than the cotton that I currently have. I think it bumps the strop into a higher class and I’m thinking that I may like it better than cotton.

Onto the strop. The horse hide is thinner, softer and more pliable than the steer that I have. I like the “cuddly soft” description, that’s pretty spot on. In my stropping, I found it to be a fast draw with no stiction at all, it just glides effortlessly along. It has been a pleasure to use. I’ll use it a few more days and try to get it shipped out Friday.

@trentr please shoot me a PM with your shipping info.
Enjoy it and let us know how ya like it.
I will review the roughout horsehide. I want to check it on some different grinds and different eras of steel. Tony Miller not only makes great strops, he is such a great guy to work with - just a pleasure all around.
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