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Participation PIF - The Unobtainium Polsilver Super Stainless

South Dakota Guy

First Blade 2nd Shave

Razor Timeless SS .68 SB
Blade Polsilver Stainless (2)
Brush Yaqi Rainbow Synth
Soap Captain's Choice Nor'Easter
Toner Lucky Tiger
AS Captain's Choice Nor'Easter

Rating 10/10 BBS

Second use of this blade today and the roughness I experienced yesterday is gone. It was a very smooth and close shave. I don't know if it was the blade or the Winning Razor I used yesterday but I ended up with a very long lasting (for me) BBS shave. It will be interesting to see how it goes with the Timeless.


South Dakota Guy

Blade: Polsilver Stainless (10), on to shave 11 tomorrow, I have ordered 300 of these blades
if each one last 10 shaves that’s about 8.4 years of blades.
Brush: Morris & Forndran 2XL, 28mm Finest
Soap: Ethos Lavender
Razor: Wolfman WR2 SB. 1.35 w/ Timeless Ti Crown 👑 Handle
Post Shave: Ethos Unscented skin food, 4711 View attachment 1299773 View attachment 1299774 View attachment 1299776 View attachment 1299777 View attachment 1299778 View attachment 1299779
I am impressed. I know that you normally bin a blade after shave 2 or 3. Where did you find the blades? Ebay?


Round 1:
Shave#1, Polsilver PIF: DFS, no drama, just felt a bit rough.
Shave#2, Polsilver SI: DFS, no drama, nice and smooth

Shave #3 Polsilver SS (really old, the all brown tuck in my photo)

Razor: NDC Fat Handle Tech
Blade: Polsilver SS
Brush: Omega 10098
Soap : Proraso Green (Tub)

Again, I managed a DFS+ with the above gear, reasonably smooth and comfortable. Afterwards there was little reaction from the alum, just the tiniest tickle, and none from the astringent WH, and no post shave irritation of any sort. This blade barely edged out the SI for closeness, and the SI just barely won for comfort,

So Round 1 goes to the old-timer, the Polsilver SS, followed by the SI and then the PIF. The differences between them were quite minor. All three blades gave me a good shave with no irritation,

For Round 2 I'll use the same 3 Techs, but change which blade gets which razor.

SOTD #185/2021

Preshave: frigid tap water, PAA The Cube 2.0
Brush: Yaqi Tuxedo 28mm
Soap: Stirling Soap ~ Triumph
Razor: Gillette Fatboy (setting 6-6-9)
Blade: Polsilver Stainless (vintage)
Post shave: frigid tap water, Stirling Soap ~ Triumph AS.

Blade 1 - shave 2.

Super smooth second shave with the Polsilver. 3 passes, no nicks or irritation. BBS in the face, dfs+ on the neck.

I could hardly feel the blade. Shave comfort galore.

Happy shaves, y'all!
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Shave #3
1 days growth

Blade: Polsilver Stainless
Pre: Warm shower with Yardley activated charcoal bath soap
Razor: late 40s tech
Soap: Captain's Choice Bay Rum soap
Brush: Stirling Pro Handle Synthetic
After: Stirling Sharp Dressed Man splash

I decided to go with a tech and got a BBS from 3 passes. The shave was smooth and closer than the previous two, but I feel a little irritated. There's no visible signs, but there's something there. Maybe I did too many passes with the mild razor. Minimal feedback from the Alum and just little zing here and there from the splash. Those glue dots sure are annoying though.

I love how after a short while I can walk pass the bathroom and still get a whiff of the Bay Rum.


Shave #2

As many do, I find that extremely sharp blades need to be broken in. Today's shave was so much smoother than shave #1. 2.5 passes to get a BBS shave on the neck. Definitely some feedback from the styptic, but no blood or weepers and no post-shave irritation. I have good hopes for Shave #3. I think I'll move the blade into a Tech or SuperSpeed to see how it fares in a milder razor.

Carbon Cx-316L (OBP)
Vintage Polsilver Stainless
Lee's Safety pure badger
TOBS Sandlewood
Captain's Choice Sandlewood AS
Nivea Sensitive Cool
Unobtainium Polsilver Stainless Blade #1 - Shave #3

Merkur 20C, Polsilver Stainless (3), WCS Duck Fat Pear-Brrrr, Graydog Grey Wolf brush

The Shave: A nice and easy DFS+ shave; love this blade. The soap has a great scent, just a hint of menthol, and has very slickness. Today's shave was just a nice experience.

Sixth shave with the Polsilver Stainless (Vintage) blade #1

: Fatip Lo Storto Originale (aka FOCS)
Brush: Fine Stout 24mm Angel Hair
Soap: RazoRock Green Label

Another fine shave from this razor/blade combination.

The FOCS/Polsilver Stainless duo is still providing quick, effortless shaves. I think we're in the sweet spot for smoothness and comfort right now. In particular, the ATG pass was complete before I realized it. It's somewhat edifying (and a little frightening) to be standing there with a razor in your hand and your face completely smooth, but not exactly sure how you got to that state. 😁

Meanwhile, the Fine Stout/RR Green Label pairing is a winner. The luxuriousness of the Angel Hair knot combined with the bracing, woodsy scent of Green Label is a great way to start a day. :thumbup1:


Blade 1 Shave 3
Proraso blue
Brush: AP Shave Co tuxedo
Lather: PAA CaD
Blade: Wiza Pol (3)
Razor: Schick Krona
Post: Thayer’s, PAA ClubGuy star jelly

Brought out Mr Smoothie for shave 3. Never a bad shave with a Krona, and today was no exception. Great, mostly BBS shave. Best shave yet with this blade. Seems to have smoothed out nicely. We’ll see tomorrow if it was all due to the razor.


Day 3 : BB @ 4 // swapped out to T & H UC
. Accidentally loaded heavy as one does with creams. While better than day 1 / 2, still a bit irritated and raw afterwards.

Came close to tossing this blade to be honest but thought I’d take a stab at one more day 4 so:

day 4: BB @ 3 // back to Murphy and McNeil loading heavy. Great DFS+ / BBS - shave with just a bare tingle with regards to the alum block.

I like it enough that I will go to day 6 with this blade now. It might be me just dialing this blade in a bit to the technique I am used to. My guess is it is definitely on the uncoated sharp side but great dialed in.

Reminds me of the black Gillette’s ..

Eighth shave tonight with the Polsilver. Tonight, it was loaded into my Gen 1 Aristocrat. WTG pass started out a little rough, and even after adjusting the angle a little, it still had more blade feel than the other nights. At the end of the first pass, I found that it cleared up most of the stubble.

ATG pass went well, but this time, I slowed down a little and used shorter strokes, buffing in some places. Enough whiskers were gone after the ATG pass that I just did minor touch up and did not do my half XTG pass as in the past. It felt good to get back to a two pass BBS again.

I am thinking that the slightly rough WTG pass probably was a sign that the blade is beginning to wear down.

Tomorrow, I will shave with another adjustable, but this time it will be one that needs an introduction. Stay tuned....


Shave 3 with Unobtainium Polsilver #1. Another great shave. Less than 24hrs of growth and a perfect BBS shave with a fairly aggressive Rockwell 6S R5.

This blade works exceptionally well with my old Gillette Red Tip, Karve and now my Rockwell 6S with plate 5. Likely just about any razor.

I toss blades after 2-3 shaves and I will keep using this one for a bit. Lots of life likely left after 3 shaves. 👍
20210721_194203-01.jpeg SOTD #186/2021

Preshave: PAA The Cube 2.0
Brush: Semogue 830
Soap: Razorock ~ Dead Sea
Razor: Fatip Grande Open Comb
Blade: Polsilver Stainless (vintage)
Post shave: frigid tap water, Razorock ~ Dead Sea AS.

Blade 1 - shave 3.

It really can't get any smoother than today's third shave with the Polsilver.
3 passes, no nicks or irritation. BBS without touch ups. A very efficient combo.

I didn’t detect any loss of sharpness. If the blade holds up in terms of longevity it'll be a top tier winner (for my face), in every aspect.

Happy shaves, y'all!
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