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Participation PIF - The Mysterious KAI Blades

Great blades with that extra bit of meteor edge. Those who like a more agressive blade will not be disappointed. Super combined with a mild razor. Works wonders in my broman.
Have fun!
Not participating I am allready a user I give someone else the experience (and holland is far away anyhow)

South Dakota Guy

This Kai participation Pif came along at a good time to me. I recently bought a Timeless SS .68 SB razor and I have been putting it through it's paces with different blades. The Kai blades were the third blade I tried when I first started shaving and I don't remember it as good or bad. I used it with my Rockwell 6S R3 plate, so a pretty mild setting. The Timeless .68 has a neutral blade exposure and is too mild for many shavers but perfect for many daily shavers like me. I have been wondering if it would tweak the efficiency up just a bit. So this is my first experience with the Timeless and Kai blade pairing.

Razor Timeless SS .68 Safety Bar
Blade Mysterious Kai (1)
Brush Yaqi Violet Blue Synthetic 24mm
Soap La Toja Stick
Tonic Lucky Tiger
A/S Pinaud Clubman

Shave 3 passes -BBS 9.5/10
First pass was XTG and smooth. No roughness at all. Second pass was XTG in the other direction. Also very smooth and comfortable. A quick feel with my fingers revealed a surprising increase in efficiency. To be honest I almost stopped right there with a CCS -DFS result There was a small amount of stubble left but much less than I normally find at this point in my shave. But I do enjoy a BBS shave so I did my typical ATG third pass. Again the shave felt very comfortable. A check at the time with my fingers told me I had BBS. I rinsed my face with cold water and towel dried it. I splashed on some Lucky Tiger and after a few minutes followed with the Clubman. There was some slight stinging in two spots where I had a little lingering irritation from the previous days shave. A check again 30 minutes later on dry skin revealed a tiny bit of stubble in one spot that remained, spoiling a perfect BBS. My thoughts after this first shave are that there was a noticeable increase in efficiency as I normally do 4 passes or 3 passes with enough touchups to qualify as a 4 passes to get to BBS. I have old man tough gray whiskers. I am really interested to see if this perceived increase in efficiency holds up through the test.

Kai 1.jpg
Grundi, as I was in the Vikings Sword PIF they were just not working for me. I've tried 50 different blades, but never a Kai. If there is still room, I'm in.

I'm also feeling a contribution to a PIF in the near future!
Grundi, as I was in the Vikings Sword PIF they were just not working for me.
+1 for whatever reason those blades did not agree with me either! Still thank you @Grundi for the chance to try new blades!

I’d like to play from home on this one. I have a partial tuck of Kai’s from a blade sample pack from years ago. Also, I’m currently in the sabbatical and no more than 3 blades can be received from a participation PIF such as this. So I do not want to take someone else’s spot. Thank you for putting this on though! I’ll be sure to post a review when others start getting blades in!
Also, shoutout to @AnimalCatcher for the generosity in providing the blades for the PIF!

Unless of course you end up having extra and want to send me only 3 blades that is! 😬
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I’m in! In the process of sampling different blades right now since I’m a newbie to the traditional wet shave. Should be interesting with my muhle r41 :laugh:
I hope I'm not to late, am I?

I’m currently in the annual sabbatical and no more than 3 blades can be received from a participation PIF such as this (as @Jmp63 correctly stated).

So if you are willing to split up a tuck - I'm in (I'd be happy to take the minor portion of the tuck so that someone else can take part with three blades...).

I never have used this particular blade...
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My fellow B&B'ers are amazing, and the response has been AWESOME!!

I still have 8 tucks of Mysterious KAI Blades remaining to give out!! If anyone was holding off so that others might have been letting someone else go first, now is your chance to join up!!

Also, if you're participating in this year's sabbatical, there is an exception for these types of PIFs. I'm allowed to send you 2 or 3 blades so you can remain in the sabbatical and still participate in this PIF.
I have been reading reviews and info on the Kai. Anticipation is exciting. I have seen them posted as being sharper, as sharp, and not quite as sharp as feathers. So now I must add some feathers in right next to these in a few of my razors and see for myself! I personally never found feathers to be dramatically different than any of the few others I have tried. Maybe I am just not a blade connoisseur lol
I would like to participate.

My sons and I are a few months into multiple sample packs, but none contained Kai blades. One son went straight for the Feathers and didn't look back. Took me a few months to start at Derby and work my way up to Feather. We will make the Kai experience a shared family event.

South Dakota Guy

So today was my second shave with the Mysterious Kai blade.

Razor Timeless SS .68 SB
Blade Mysterious Kai (2)
Brush Simpson Trafalgar T2
Soap Stirling Executive Man
Balm Stirling Executive Man

Rating 10/10 3 pass plus touchups BBS

Todays shave was very much like yesterdays shave. It was a comfortable, drama free shave XTG then XTG in the opposite direction and finally ATG with ATG touchups in two spots on my neck. Once again the shave just felt more efficient than what I have been experiencing. After the third pass a couple of small touchups. These blades don't feel bitey like Nacets or Bic Chromes. I am asking myself why have I left them sitting unused in a drawer so long?

Kai 2.jpg
Mysterious KAI Blades Update!!

There appears to be a 1,000 year old mystical meteor shower about to occur!! The first batch of Mysterious KAI blades is being mailed tomorrow (on my way to work)!! This batch includes: @B_R_A_D, @Ted A, @freebird0064, @Mike M, @EclipseRedRing, @geneaut, @JohnPS, @xiletero, @FarmerTan, @Fred D, @Ed Gcom, @Billski, @JackJ, @woodwzrd, @JWK1, @Chard52142, @Slanterino, @HarleyDChevrolet, @borwish, @Chaucer, @trentr, @fast shaver, @Demolition, @Weean, @Tanuki,
@Jmp63, @TheBigL, @BigJ, @JAHE, @Dean13, @BGO37, and @ewk!!

Please post a quick note that you've received them once they arrive!!

That's the 1st batch. I have 2 currently in the 2nd batch (@texh and @Hardrock, please pm your addresses to me!!).

After allotting everyone's tucks, I've got 5 tucks of Mysterious KAI Blades remaining, looking for shave dens to call home!!

If you don't see your name listed, PLEASE Let Me Know, it's my mistake, and I'll get blades out to you!!
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