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Participation PIF - ELIOS Inoxidable Blades


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I got mine sat. I've been extremely busy and haven't had a chance to use them. I'm nursing bad razor burn right now. Give me just a few days and I'll give'em a try. My stubborn *** decided to keep shaving with a straight that needs to be touched up. It felt like shaving with sandpaper. but I'm too stubborn to stop using it. So once the hamburger that is my neck heals I will use the blades.
Yes, stubborn-ness (a new werd I just made up) can turn a perfectly fine neck into hamburger! My own neck is becoming more like the skin on the neck of a plucked chicken as I age!
First shave today. Some forewords: Monday shave is almost always on a two day beard, which is always smoothest. I shave six days a week and Monday always starts with a new blade.
Razor-Blackbird OC
Brush-Yaqi Silver tip
Pre shave-Proraso Red

Elios Setup.JPG
Three passes (the usual WTG, ATG, XTG). No blood, weepers, etc at all. Truly a BBS. We'll see what tomorrow brings. If it's like today these blades might be worth a buy. I usually switch razors by Friday or Saturday so I'll be going with a Karve OC D plate or RR GC 84 OC.
Shave #2

Again, slight drag on the 1st WTG pass...then totally smooth on the 2nd (ATG) pass and buffing. This never happens for me in this manner, meaning, if I feel drag/tugging on the 1st pass, subsequent passes + buffing will also be as bad if not worse. As after the first shave with this blade, my face feels like glass.

As much as I could try, I won't wax eloquent. As someone who only cares about quality of shaves, I normally do not pay attention to longevity of blades. With that said, however, I am curious if this blade can stand up much longer to my not-so-thick-yet-tough-as-steel-wires facial hair. Of course, I won't push it just to push the endurance envelope.

Serious thanks to @Space_Cadet for provisioning this PIF and again to @Grundi for taking the effort to disperse the goodies.

At this point, I'll likely only post again to denote this blade's end of usefulness &/or if it's so-far very smooth characteristics take a sudden, nasty turn.
At this point, I'll likely only post again to denote this blade's end of usefulness &/or if it's so-far very smooth characteristics take a sudden, nasty turn.

I’m inclined to do the same until I switch razors


Shave number two, using the same Star 3 piece razor but using Captain's Choice North for a slicker shave. The first pass was just dandy, moving along like Nancy Kwan. However, pass two where I go ATG on my scalp felt irritating and pass three XTG on the back of my head was positively tuggy. Two shaves and I'm retiring this blade. Tomorrow I'm using the Rockwell 6C and I'm first using my McKee blade hone before loading.


well, maybe I used to many variables. Shave #3 was fantastic. I'm still feeling my dome and thinking what a great shave. Today was Rockwell 6c on #5, DeLuxe Mods shaving soap. I had used the McKee hone about 30 passes each side before loading. The razor was smooth throughout, just the right amount of audible cues and after 2 face and 3 head passes I'm enjoying a splash of Clubman. I'll shave with this set up for a while. I'll try a honed blade in the Star razor later and an unhoned in the Rockwell to see if this is the equipment of process that is working so well.
Shave #2

RazorRock Amici

I used a wetter lather, and took it a bit easier with the SLOC than I did with the Slim on shave 1. I was rewarded with a smooth, comfortable, DFS shave in 2.5 passes. I didn't buff again because where I needed to buff is where I had the weeper yesterday and I'm resting that a little. Even with no buffing I'm borderline BBS.

I'll shave this guy out with the aim of getting at least 5 shaves from it ( my typical goal for most blades, and with my beard usually attainable ).

I'm still getting German Wilkie vibes from it at the moment. Sharp and smooth enough without being top tier in either category ... sharper more than smoother I believe. I'll put some more shaves on it before I think much more beyond that about where it ranks against a lot of other blades in my collection, but even after 2 shaves I can safely say I think I could shave with this every day without being upset about that idea.


Shave 2:
Razor: Merkur 38C
Brush: Yaqi Mountain badger
Soap: Lakewood Coquette

I chose this grouping yesterday morning to honor my deceased Denise; it was the same set up I used exactly one week ago on the morning she passed (the blade was different, of course). I wanted to smell nice for her and be nice and smooth; I succeeded on both counts. I promise fellas, I'm working on this, I'm trying to bandage the seeping wound.

As for the second shave, it went very well. I'd say it was just as comfortable and sharp as day one. Got a nice, 3-pass DFS++. I'm not as motivated right now to work to a BBS.

Shave 3: (this morning)
Razor: Merkur 38C
Brush: PAA Atomic Rocket
Soap: Lakewood Prairie Song

This soap scent took a few uses to grow on me but now I absolutely love its cleanliness and light masculinity. Same result as yesterday, with the addition of a slow, careful touch-up pass which improved my usual problem area. I'd certainly call today's result a borderline BBS, certainly DFS++. Very pleased with this blade thus far.
Shave 3 - still getting DFS results...BUT...my face felt like I got a micrometer closer?!?

Tweaked my setup from Shaves 1 & 2 by changing soaps
Razor: Gillette Slim on 4 (same)
Soap: Tiki The Captain (what an amazing scent!!)
Results: 2 passes (WTG/ATG w/ buffing) for a smooth, close, DFS!! Afterwards, my face felt like I had used a slightly more aggressive razor (or setting). Good blade feedback.

So far, no performance drop-off, and I should definitely be able to get a 4th shave from this blade.

I agree with the other reviews that I really don't know where to put this blade in relation to the blades in my regular rotation. I'm still thinking that, for me, it's running close to Derby Premiums. And like @geneaut said, this would be an acceptable daily blade.
Shave 4 - Tuesday, RazoRock SLOC with ELIOS blade (second use)

A description of my setup is HERE.

Face Feel: Smooth and comfortable (again)
Closeness: Very good
Aftershave Feedback: Minimal (again)
Overall Rating: Same shave as yesterday
Comments: Unlike some others, I'm not detecting any differences between the first and second shave. They've felt the same to be with both razors so far. Kind of a boring report, I know, but I can't really complain about the blade yet. We'll see how tomorrow's shave with the Rocca goes.


I just returned from vacation and found the Elios blades waiting for me. Thanks, @Grundi! It will be a few days till I post reviews, but I definitely will.
2 shaves in one post...

Shave #1

Rockwell 6c plate 5

Good start on wtg pass. I would agree with a tad tuggy on this pass. 2nd pass across and a lot of blade feel. I stopped there as I felt I was running into some irritation on my neck. Perhaps I started out a little too aggressive.

Shave #2

Razorock Game Changer .68
Geo F. Trumper's coconut oil cream

I switched the blade over from shave #1. Much better shave this time around. 3 passes resulting in DFS. Zero irritation and no aftershave feedback. Looks like I will keep this blade going in a less aggressive razor. I was very please with the results.
Shave 2
Definitely DFS. Maybe better. Just managed to scrape a few surface capillaries that closed up before I finished (Are they weepers? I'll save that for another thread).
I'm still satisfied.
Shave #2 (Monday)
Razor: Rockwell 6S (R4)
Soap: Maggard London Barbershop
Brush: Yaqi Mysterious Space Badger

Shave #3 (Tuesday)
Razor: Rockwell 6S (R4)
Soap: Mitchell's Wool Fat
Brush: Maggard Synthetic

Shave #2 and shave #3 were both uneventful in a good way. Same results as before... comfortable DFS.
Not to derail this, but there is a Yaqi Mysterious Space Badger brush available in this world?!?! Can anyone say "next purchase"? How does that puppy perform?
Not to derail this, but there is a Yaqi Mysterious Space Badger brush available in this world?!?! Can anyone say "next purchase"? How does that puppy perform?
There is also similar brush in the bulb shape instead of fan. Some of us were lucky enough to buy these for $11 during a sale back in November. It's my only badger brush, I could not pass it up for that price.

It's a nice brush, very dense, comfortable handle and looks better in person than in photos. It will bloom out, so it becomes almost too large, more like 26mm instead of 24mm. It has some scrubbiness to it, but in a pleasant way, as is my preference. Mild animal funk that washed out with a couple of soakings in laundry detergent and a few test lathers.

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Not to derail this, but there is a Yaqi Mysterious Space Badger brush available in this world?!?! Can anyone say "next purchase"? How does that puppy perform?
One of my favorite brushes. Fairly priced IMO. You just need to endure the shipping from China. Or you can pay more and buy it on the Bay if they are available. I have the bulb shape. I have several Yaqi and the funk factor can be all over the map. Mild or strong but washing works.
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Yay! The ELIOS blades arrived last night. Only took six days to go all the way across the continent from the East Coast of the U.S. to the West Coast of Canada. Very securely packed!

Again, many thanks to Grundi and Space_Cadet for the generous PIF!

Now, I just have to wait until the One Blade challenge is over to give them a try. :glare: