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Participation PIF - ELIOS Inoxidable Blades

What is a Participation PIF? It's a PIF where anyone (up to 37 Participants) who posts "I'm In!" gets 5 blades (ELIOS Inoxidable Blades), tries them, and post about their experience!! I have enough blades for 37 B&B'ers (and me - I'll be trying them too along with everyone else)!!

@Space_Cadet generously provided the ELIOS Inoxidable Blades (Huge Thank You!!) to be distributed to whoever would like to try them. After getting ideas and feedback, we're now ready to get these blades out into the B&B Community!!


Post "I'm In!" and get 5 ELIOS Inoxidable Blades, made in Germany!! (That's actually all I know about them)


Here are the rules (all 2 of them):
  1. You have 10 quality posts (if you don't have 10, get posting, then come back and join!!)
  2. You commit to posting at least 3 times (but NOT limited to 3) in this thread:
    • First required post to say "I'm In!"
    • Second required post that you received the blades
    • Third required post is your experience using a blade
    • Other (very welcome) post suggestions include describing your shave setup, how the blade performed on subsequent shaves, and anything else you want to post.
IMPORTANT: Once you've posted "I'm In!", please send me a PM with your complete mailing address (I'm in the US, so if you're international, YES international B&B'ers are included, please include your Country with your mailing address).

Special Note to those participating in the B&B 11th Annual One Blade in February Challenge: you should be able to do both!! So, please sign up for this Participation PIF, and post that you've received the blades when they arrive. After the Challenge (eek out 1 more shave with your chosen blade), then try the ELIOS Inoxidable Blades, and post about them.

Special Note to those who have already expressed interest in this Participation PIF: please send me your mailing address, and post in this thread that you're participating.
I'm in! I'd love to try these blades out and look forward to sharing my experience and reading about others. Cheers!