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Participation PIF - An Old Friend Returns

Razor: Leaf Twig
Blade: Schick 0.5 shave 2
Brush: Alpha T400 with TNS ghost
Soap: M&M Banzai!
AS: Stirling Strawberry Lemonade

For some reason felt just a little tuggier this time, but still a very sharp and nice shave. Maybe that 5 days growth previous really did some damage, or maybe because I didn't use a pre shave. I guess will find out next time.
An Old Friend Returns
Blade 1, Shave 1

Razor: Gillette NEW SC
Aftershave: Henri et Victoria absinthe

I had a shorter period between shaves than usual, which sometimes bites me. I decided to do a regular three-pass shave, with no diagonal XTG/ATG passes to prepare for the ATG pass, as I had been doing with the Personna X-series.

First two passes showed the blade was sharp. Didn't trip up in the thick hairs around the chin. Third pass, I was feeling like this blade might be the magic combination, so I went for it. I ended up with some weepers in the mustache and in the weird patch below my lip.

That was my smoothness test. I back off with most blades before they cut me. Few blades (Voskhod, for sure) can dive into these rough spots and come out without blood despite repeated attacks.

Good learning shave. Ended up with a couple other weepers on chin and jaw and, perhaps, a roadmap for a better shave next time.
Blade 1, Shave 2

I gotta say, today's shave was a bit rough. Probably my fault, so I am going to give this blade the benefit of the doubt. First, I very rarely shave on consecutive days. I typically shave every two days. Sometimes every 3 days. But today was Towel Day. And I have a tradition of shaving with "42" every Towel Day. So i had to shave today. Secondly it is Wolfman Wednesday. So I used a WR1 .80 OC which is a bit of an aggressive razor for me. So the results were super close. But I did come away with quite a bit of irritation, and some weepers. We will see how the next shave goes. Like I said, probably my fault. I should have shaved with a Tech or something today.
Blade 1: Shave 2
Awesome!!! Might have been smoother for me than the first shave. I don’t have the benefit of shaving with a period correct razor so forgive my modern equipment. If I had a gripe with these it would be they don’t make them anymore so I’ll be missing them when they are done.
Thanks as always for doing these.
1.65 WR2
An Old Friend: Blade #1, Shave #2


Razor: Rockwell 6C, R3
Blade: Schick Super SS (2)
Brush: Stirling 24mm Synthetic
Bowl: Captain’s Choice Copper
Soap: Pre de Provence
Witch Hazel
Proraso White
Aftershave: Stirling Executive Man

Another comfortable worry-free DFS+. So far, so good
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An Old Friend Returns - Schick (4)

Ho hum, another smooth DFS+ shave

Equipment: Gillette Slim (on 5), Schick Super Stainless(4), Mem Olive Shaving Cream

The Shave: Yup, same old, same old. The Schick blade remains smooth and sharp, Mem Olive performed up to standard, and the results were a very pleasing DFS+.
Schick Super Stainless edge 1 shave 1. Wilkinson Sword Classic (plastic) razor, Wilkinson Sword bowl soap, DS Cosmetics 24mm synth.

Benchmark shave. And these are both smooth and sharp once they get going, but there seemed to be more stiction (static friction) meaning it took a while to get started. I'm not quite sure how I managed to avoid a weeper with the extra push I felt it needed, but I did.

Finish was great, length of shave is good if not top tier (no 5 o'clock shadow, but 8 o'clock might happen). I look forward to seeing how long the edge lasts. Although I've never used a Schick before, it feels like this is where vintage blades tend to really shine.
Older than me, Schick SOTD!

Razor: Timeless Ti .95
Blade: Schick Super Stainless
(Blade #1 Shave #1)
Soap: Fine Barber Blue
Brush: Simpson M7 Super
Bowl: Captains Choice Copper
AS: Fine Barber Blue


Vintage blade, meet modern razor!
A three pass DFS+ First couple of strokes felt a bit rough but smoothed out by the end of the WTG pass. The XTG pass was smoother and uneventful. The third pass ATG was smooth but I did feel some tugging on the toughest parts of my beard.

Overall I believe this blade has above average sharpness and moderate smoothness so far.

I typically only take a modern blade to three shaves. I will assess on the third shave with this blade if a fourth shave is in the cards, for science of course.
Mine were in the post box today :001_smile

I will be sending a couple to our good friend and colleague @JAHE as soon as possible.
Thank you so much again for this kind gesture. But please, don't hurry 😀
The 'Royal Mail' website makes it sound like I am trying to send plutonium :001_rolle
My letter has departed today. I hope importing plutonium to the UK will work out without issues😉
I won't start using them until JAHE gets his.
I'd say: please start to use yours without hesitation, there's no need to hold back these fine blades.

I hope you'll have nothing but great shaves with the blades!
My second shave in the Krona was excellent. This time it was only 2 days, not like a week since the last shave. The Krona definitely does better not clogging with a shorter stubble.

With similar prep as the first shave - hot water wash with Arko stick as a wash, face lathered with my unknown brush. Today I used Bigelow. The first shave was with Derby Normal.

What I really noticed today was how long the shave lasted. I often notice that a smooth shave doesn't last too long, but the Schick/Krona combo really did a great job. More than 12 hours later, my cheeks are still smooth.
An old friend returns shave#2

Razor: Gillette Slim Twist
Blade: Schick
Soap: Palmolive Classic Cream
Brush: 20+ year old Boar brush bought at a pharmacy

Tonight I decided on a vintage shave with my vintage Schick blade. I used my Gillette Slim Twist, from the 1970's Palmolive Classic Cream both like my Dad used to use and a cheap boar brush I bought from a pharmacy more than 20 years ago. This was a shave straight out of the 1970's, my Dad would have been proud.
To be fair the shave felt like it was out of the 70's, the Slim Twist is light and has a plastic handle so you need to apply a little pressure to get a good shave. The shave itself was comfortable, but not quite as close as I hoped. It truly felt old skool but by the end of the final pass it was still a little rough on my neck so I lathered up again and buffed my neck. The final result was a BBS everywhere but on one side of my neck which was slightly rough.
For that 70s feeling I finished with a splash of Brut. It was a very nostalgic shave and made me think of my dad a lot, and well worth doing.
Every coin has two sides (as blades do).
4th shave: head
RR Lupo .95 OC (new)
RR orange synthetic
Stirling soap
Rose witch
Aqua 5/1
Head shave was 2 passes smooth and very efficient, magnificent shave!

NOW face 5th
Razor: Gillette Flair tip TV special (has a bit of a lazy door).
2 passes ......horrible, and both sides equally horrible....the difference a razor can make.
And I switched because I though I did not need .95......do I regret it......or the German 37. I have other normal flair tips and they are all mild.... btw I just checked and bars are straight and blade (another) sits well..... go figure. Used it only once before....
Face still red and burning.....

Next shave will probably be German Slant.....or RR.95 (2-3 days to heal).
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