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Participation PIF - An Old Friend Returns

Schick SS Blade #1, Shave #21

Razor: Yaqi DOC
Blade: Schick SS (21)
Brush: Cremo horsehair
Soap: Stirling Varen
Aftershave: Stirling Varen

After several days using SEs I came back to the Schick. It seemed a bit rough until I realized that a combination of my technique being influenced by the SEs and the razor, it was really the open comb that was making the shave feel rough. When I adjusted to a better angle the blade was, again, smooth and effective.

Thirty-third shave with the Schick Super Stainless Steel (w/Krona Comfort Edge) (Vintage) blade #1

: Fatip Lo Storto Originale (aka FOCS)
Brush: Yaqi Moka Express (26mm Two-Band Badger)
Soap: Tabac Shaving Soap (Non-Tallow)

A stunningly good shave; even better than usual!

Today's outing was an absolutely top-notch autopilot affair! I barely felt the razor touching my skin as it swept away my stubble. After my three main passes, I was left with a near-BBS (BBS-) with only a small scritchy bit left under my chin. It was so minor and unnoticeable that I decided not to bother with any buffing.

On to the next shave! :thumbup1:
I am reading some of these topics with amazement. So many shaves with a single blade blows my mind, no idea how you can cope with that? I was glad to reach 7, which already is quite extraordinary for me. But 20+ or even 30+ shaves?????? Pfew!
There are a number of us who normally get 4-6 out of a blade and I don't think inexperience is a factor at this point(Number of shaves frequently goes up as technique improves). We are getting 8-12 out of these!
Vintage Schick Super Stainless Steel w/Krona Comfort Edge, Blade #1, Edge #1, Shave #20

Associated gear:

SCS Model-A
Semogue 740 pure badger
Palmolive Classic shave cream

This morning's shave was effortless and drama free, just like yesterday. 3 passes, and a little buffing.
The end result was BBS. Still felt like I was shaving with a cart. I'm really impressed with this blade, but not the razor.

One blade edge, 10 razors, 20 shaves and counting.

Mike M

...but this one IS cracked.
An old friend returns shave#36

Razor: Muhle Rocca R94
Blade: Schick(36)
Soap: EJ Limes & Pomegranate
Brush: Omega Professional Boar

Tonight back to the EJ Limes & Pomegranate soap the shave was just OK and turned up a DFS finish which was disappointing. The only solution is to break out a more aggressive razor for tomorrow's shave. The choice will be between the Fatip Piccolo and the Muhle R41 (I do have a Yaqi slant but that is just scary).
On the plus side this blade has made it to 36 shaves and my current record is a KCG with 37 shaves on it (still not finished) so tomorrow's shave will equal that. Once it gets to this stage the blade generally doesn't have much further to go, but we will see. I am impressed with how far this blade has gone so far and I know it still has further to go though I know @Demolition will probably still be shaving with this blade at Christmas
An Old Friend Returns Schick Super Stainless Shave No.7

Razor: PAL British Made 1950's
Soap: Palmolive Classic Shaving Cream
Brush: Unbranded Ever-Ready 'Homage.' Probably Chinese Lake Monster Hair. I love it.
A/S: Blue Stratos. An Unspoiled 70's Delight.

Well this unlikely combination just delivered shaving excellence once again!

This humble little vintage is a lovely shaver. Paired with the Schick on trip 7 it took down a 3 day growth in 3 passes, leaving an unusually smooth and DFS++ result. Give it a good steep angle and it just purrs.

This is the second time this pairing has delivered outstanding results. I am beginning to think this little PAL/STAR/Ever-Ready DE (It was sold under various names in the US, UK, Australia, etc) is at least as good as, or maybe even better than a baseline Tech from the same era. Heresy I know.

The blade performed excellently, again it does not seem to have reached it's performance peak yet at all. Smoothness was there in tons, with zero tugging. The edge worked like a champ to get through my wiry 'mature' whiskers.

Excellent shave!
Shave 2, blade 3
All correct

I can't believe it's already been 6 days! This shave went as routine as can be expected. 2 passes and a CCS result. I will be using a more aggressive plate the next shave.


I used the same neutral exposure plate this time and wanted to play around with angles. I had previously discovered that these blades work better for me with a steeper angle, likely due to the lack of underlying sharpness. Despite the neutral exposure, I was able to achieve the angle I was aiming for and everything felt safe. I was keeping the blade well off of my skin with the safety bar, but I got red dots again. It's not enough to produce irritation so I am just going to ignore it. There was very little tugging with this angle and the shave went by fast. The lack of even DFS says something considering the red dots, it's an enigma blade.
Shave number 5

Mitchell’s Wool Fat soap
Simpson Trafalgar T3 synthetic brush
1965 Gillette Super Speed razor
Schick Super Stainless Steel razor blade (5)
RazoRock King Louis Lavender aftershave

Two passes, and this is the best result yet. A 10/10, because it was much smoother than I expect from two passes. It almost felt like a three pass shave.

Schick Super Stainless Blade #1, Shave #4

Rockwell 6C with R6 plate
Brush: Parker Badger
Soap: Arko

I normally bin a blade after 3 shaves, but this time I didn't realize it was on shave 4 until I was halfway done my head shave. And ya know what? It was a fantastic shave! The blade felt brand new somehow. On shaves 2 and 3 the sharpness had dropped off a little bit, but for this one it was right back to where it started.

I got a smooth, close, head shave with zero irritation. Maybe I've been a sucker this whole time throwing out blades after 3 shaves??? I figured the sharper the better, so might as well keep the blade fresh... This has opened my eyes a bit, and I'm going to keep going with this blade until it's completely finished.

Thirty-fourth shave with the Schick Super Stainless Steel (w/Krona Comfort Edge) (Vintage) blade #1

: Fatip Lo Storto Originale (aka FOCS)
Brush: Omega 10005 (24mm Boar)
Soap: RazoRock Green Label

The Schick Super Stainless continues to impress.

Even after thirty-four uses, I'm still a bit surprised at how well this blade has performed. It has been consistently good, shave after shave.

Today's outing was no exception. As I've come to expect, my three main passes were practically effortless. There is still no sign of any tugging or roughness. Buffing was again almost unnecessary. A couple of strokes around the Adam's apple was all that was required to achieve another easy BBS.

So, overall, another extremely smooth and comfortable shave. :thumbup1:

When will this blade finally give up the ghost? Probably not as far down the road as Christmas like @Mike M mentioned but, at the rate that this blade is going, it might last until the end of Summer! 😁
Vintage Schick Super Stainless Steel w/Krona Comfort Edge, Blade #1, Edge #1, Shave #21

Associated gear:

Fatip Safety Bar Slant
Restored Boar/Badger Hybrid
Kiss My Face 4n1 shave cream

This morning's shave was effortless and drama free. 3 passes, and a little buffing. The end result was BBS.
The Fatip fits my shaving better than the SCS. Better heft, more blade feel.

One blade edge, 11 razors, 21 shaves and counting, still on the first edge. I expect to get a similar number of shaves from the other side.

I'll never catch up to @Demolition, though. That 5-blade tuck @Grundi sent him might be a lifetime supply for him.
Shave number 6

Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood shaving cream sample
Vie-Long Peleon horse hair brush
1965 Gillette Super Speed razor
Schick Super Stainless Steel razor blade (6)
Shulton Old Spice aftershave

Two passes on face, three on neck and super smooth for second day of 10/10 points.


Mike M

...but this one IS cracked.
An old friend returns shave#37

Razor: Fatip Piccolo
Blade: Schick(37)
Soap: Stirling Sharp Dressed Man
Brush: Yaqi Purple Mink

Tonight for my record equalling 37th shave I changed to the Fatip Piccolo always one of my favourite razors. For the soap I chose Stirling Sharp Dressed Man as it has excellent performance and with the summer weather here just being warmer rain the scent being more of a colder weather scent is appropriate.
The good news is that the 37th shave was another smooth enjoyable shave that ended in another near BBS finish with just a little roughness on my neck. It looks like the Piccolo has breathed new life into this blade. So tomorrow I am on to my record breaking 38th shave. I will be very happy just to get past 40 shaves which seems like a real possibility.
Question to all blade users: when I place it in my RR GC, it shaves very well, no issues. But when I want to remove the blade from the head, it is kind of stuck to the pins of the base plate of the RR. I reckon manufacturing specifications have changed slightly over the years, because I haven't had that happening to me (with the same razor) with modern blades. Can anyone tell me if they have the same experience?
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