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Participation PIF - An Old Friend Returns

LHS, chin WTG: Gillette Super Silver (1968) edge 1 shave 4 & 7/2
RHS, chin ATG: Schick Super Stainless edge 1 shave 4 & 7/2

Wilkinson Sword Classic (plastic) razor, Arko stick, Frank shaving 20mm best badger.

I was a friend's yesterday evening, hunkering round their firepit with a whiff of citronella candles to keep the bugs away. There was only one possible soap choice for today!

Because I have to call it today (due to travel), I'm going to. Both blades have slowed down, but both still give a great finish, better than many modern blades. The Gillette is just a tiny bit draggier than the Schick at this stage, so the Schick takes the crown!

I'm almost excited about moving on with the blade unemcumbered with the comparison, but the Wilky is also my travel razor, so the only variable will be the soap and brush. Though once travelling, I'll be sticking with the same setup for the week.

I can't wait to come home!

Thirty-first shave with the Schick Super Stainless Steel (w/Krona Comfort Edge) (Vintage) blade #1

: Fatip Lo Storto Originale (aka FOCS)
Brush: Yaqi Black Marble (24mm Silvertip Badger)
Soap: Proraso Red (Sandalwood) Shaving Cream

The Schick Super Stainless blade is still performing like a champ!

My three main passes continue to be quick and trouble-free. The XTG pass is usually where issues pop up but, so far, there has been no sign of roughness or tugging, yet.

As before, the amount of buffing required is very low. A few strokes around the Adam's apple resulted in another easy BBS. It's quite remarkable how well this venerable blade is holding up after so many uses. :thumbup1:
Vintage Schick Super Stainless Steel w/Krona Comfort Edge, Blade #1, Edge #1, Shave #18

Associated gear:

SCS Model-A
Semogue 740 Pure Badger
Kiss My Face 4n1 shave cream

This morning's shave was effortless and drama free, but unsatisfying. It was almost as if I wasn't shaving. A very light razor with negative exposure. I had to apply pressure, and go for a steep angle, riding the bar instead of the cap.

The design was novel and well executed, I just didn't fall in love with it. OTOH, it might make a great travel razor, delivering a good shave even if rushed and on auto-pilot. Maybe I'm just too early on the learning curve.

With 3 passes and almost no buffing, the end result was on the BBS. Bottom line is, except for the
R41, I haven't found a razor yet that wouldn't work with the Schick.

One blade edge, 10 razors, 18 shaves so far.
An old friend returns shave#34

Razor: Muhle Rocca R94
Blade: Schick(34)
Soap: EJ Limes & Pomegranate
Brush: Omega Professional Boar

Tonight back to the EJ I lathered up and the first pass was a little rough so I added water for the subsequent passes which made it better. But after three passes the finish was only a DFS with a little irritation. A spritz of Witch hazel took care of that. It does look as if this blade is slowing down.
A few words on blade longevity when I started out if I got to 5 shaves with a blade. As time has gone on and my technique and knowledge have improved I have found it easier to get more shaves out of a blade that are equal to or better than those I was getting when I got 5 shaves. On this thread doing the FFFMM Challenge I found myself getting single digits from Voskhods because they didn't work well with my chosen razor. When I do the PIF blade challenges I have the choice of all my razors to choose the one best suited to the blade at that stage in its life.
I do not put up with substandard shaves just to get big numbers but I do not chase BBS shaves either. There are so many variables to shaving just because you get a poor shave it is not necessarily the fault of the blade, if the shaves become consistently poor the blade is binned. Finally YMMV applies to every aspect of shaving especially soaps and blades. I have tried many soaps and blades, but I have managed to hone in the soaps that work for me but I still find myself being surprised by some of the blades I try, as with the Schick.
Blade #1, shave nr 5 and 6

Razorock Gamechanger paired with this blade for shave 5. Very smooth shave, nothing to report actually. So just as it should be. Today I paired the blade for shave #6 with my Muhle R89, and I needed a lot more buffing to get the result I am after, so I am guessing it is the end of this blade for me. Will give it one other try in the RR GC to see if it improves, otherwise it will be the bin.

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Vintage Schick Super Stainless Steel w/Krona Comfort Edge, Blade #1, Edge #1, Shave #19

Associated gear:

SCS Model-A
Restored badger/boar hybrid
Palmolive Classic shave cream

This morning's shave was effortless and drama free, just like yesterday. With 3 passes, no buffing required, the end result was BBS. But it felt like I was shaving with a cart.

One blade edge, 10 razors, 19 shaves so far.

Thirty-second shave with the Schick Super Stainless Steel (w/Krona Comfort Edge) (Vintage) blade #1

: Fatip Lo Storto Originale (aka FOCS)
Brush: Simpson Special S1 (18mm Best Badger)
Soap: RazoRock Black Label

A nice, refreshing shave on a hot Summer day.

During this sudden spurt of hot, muggy weather, I've taken to shaving with cold water. It's a great way to cool off quickly and get a close, comfy shave at the same time.

As for today's outing, there are no significant changes to report. My three main passes are still trouble-free. As usual, I barely needed to buff to achieve my preferred level of closeness.

Overall, it was an absolutely lovely shave. 😍
An old friend returns shave#35

Razor: Muhle Rocca R94
Blade: Schick(35)
Soap: MdC Original
Brush: Simpsons Trafalgar T3

Tonight for MdC Monday I used the Original, a soap I always enjoy and that gives fantastic shaves. Lathered up and off I went, unlike last night there was no irritation and the shave was back to being smooth again.
Although it didn't leave me completely smooth it did manage a DFS+ result, using MdC that means this blade is definitely slowing down. I may have to change razors to something more aggressive.
Schick Super Stainless edge 1 shave 5 & 7/2. Wilkinson Sword Classic (plastic) razor, LEA shaving stick, YaQi 22mm Tuxedo.

It's almost like the Schick was waiting for the Gillette to be announced the loser, and has now just let itself go completely! There's a definite reduction in comfort, although the finish is still good.

I'm stuck with this set up until Monday now, I'll have to decide whether I can put up with this edge, and whether I can save the new one for a new razor when I get home.
Schick Blade #2, Shave #3

Razor: Henson AL13 Mild on a SS handle
Cream: Cremo Cooling
Brush: Cheap no-name off of Amazon
Aftershave: AV Ice Blue

Another great, drama-free shave. I have used Cremo in the past applying it by hand as per the directions, and I have used it with a brush by adding it to other creams to increase the slickness, but this might be the first time that I've used it with a brush by itself. It was okay. Didn't feel luxurious, but I ended up with a great shave. Again, this blade is sharp, smooth, comfortable, and drama-free. You really can't ask for more than that.
Schick blade #1, shave #7 and final one

After a hard-work shave #6 for this blade with my R89, today another go in my RR Gamechanger 0.84. I do notice that it isn't as smooth anymore as it was, so for me that means a one-way trip to the bin. I must say, this is more shaves than I usually get from a blade, so very good. And it remains very comfortable all the way.

I will probably PIF this blade to another one in the Netherlands, so another one can also enjoy this blade. Because that is what it was! Thanks for the opportunity to try this one out!

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