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Participation PIF - An Old Friend Returns

I'm a little behind on the PIF now. Last week I went out of town for a couple days and ended up with that bug that is going around.

Blade #2, shave #1 was awful so I swapped the blade from the Futur clone to a 50s SuperSpeed. The SS was much better but there was definitely a difference between both edge's feel.
Shave one, blade 3
🎶Red dots... everywhere!🎶

Tatara (mini)Nodachi w/Masamune plate
Schick Super Stainless
Custom AP Shaving G5C


My new neutral exposure plate came in sooner than expected so I had to take it for a spin! Let's just get this out of the way, it's becoming redundant; I don't like these blades. And not for no reason, they don't like me. I had a WONDERFUL shave, the shave itself. I got such a nice face lather going and just spread it on thick. Two passes as is my custom. Though surprising for a neutral razor, I felt no desire to do more and I have a decreasingly DFS shave as the clock ticks on. On the positive side, the blades did mow down one day's growth. On the first shave and with shorter strokes, I am trying to stay positive. Just applying water and my whole jaw stings, yikes. Oh... here comes the dots. Well the razor did fabulous, I am sticking with that!

Twenty-eighth shave with the Schick Super Stainless Steel (w/Krona Comfort Edge) (Vintage) blade #1

: Fatip Lo Storto Originale (aka FOCS)
Brush: Fine Accoutrements Stout (24mm Angel Hair)
Soap: Pré de Provence Bergamot and Thyme

Four weeks of daily shaves and it's still going strong!

My three main passes remain quick and trouble-free. In the end, I only needed to buff a few times around my Adam's apple to achieve a BBS. The extra buffing that I required yesterday seems to have been just an anomaly.

So, this was another in a long line of smooth, comfortable shaves. I haven't felt any irritation, either during or after any of these outings, so far. That merely strengthens my belief that this may be the best blade that I've ever used. :w00t:
Vintage Schick Super Stainless Steel w/Krona Comfort Edge, Blade #1, Edge #1, Shave #15

Associated gear:
Restored mixed Badger/Boar brush
Muhle R41
Haslingers Schafmilch

The Schick and the R41 seem to be a poor match on my face. While close, the shave felt overly harsh to me. To compensate, I cut my shave from 3+ passes to 2+. The end result was a solid DFS rather than the BBS/DFS range I'm used to.

I've been going 2 shaves per razor before changing, but this time I'm changing razors after just one shave.
The fact that today's mail included a new ATT stainless steel Windsor Pro/SB90 razor had nothing to do with it. Honest!

One blade edge, 8 razors, 15 shaves and counting.
An old friend returns shave#31

Razor: Muhle Rocca R94
Blade: Schick(31)
Soap: EJ Limes & Pomegranate
Brush: Omega Professional Boar

Tonight was a carbon copy of last night's shave, using a boar brush with this soap is a revelation, I have never got lathers like this with this soap and a synth.
The shave was excellent as usual and my new method for shaving my neck appears to be paying dividends. The result, another near BBS, was predictable and I am in definite danger of settling into a rut of getting good shaves with no drama. This just keeps on happening to me. Just once I would like a shave to end with a James Bond style chase where the bathroom explodes just after I dive through the window, freshly shaved of course.
The Schick blade is holding out very well and doesn't seem to be deteriorating. I know it's not quite giving BBS shaves, but they are definitely not in DFS territory either.
Blade 1- shaves 11-12
Same razor all shaves- 1.65 Ti WR2

Shave 11 was again superb. I do think at some point in blade life I enjoy going from super sharp to kinda dull. It just changes the shave for me. Few extra strokes on jawbone where my hair grows weird.

Shave 12 was not so nice. Couple of red spots. I’m sure it could have been me. I’ll see what next Monday and Thursday bring. I’ll at least keep it through then.

Thanks again @Grundi for putting together these wonderful PIFs it is truly appreciated. And @Space_Cadet for the amazing blades.
An Old Friend Returns Schick Super Stainless Shave No.5

Razor: Gillette Adjustable Mk2 (Slim) N-4 (7/7/7)
Brush: English 'New Forest' Badger
Soap: TABAC Shaving Stick (Non Tallow)

Today I loaded up the Schick into a razor which may have been made at the very same time.

A very efficient, actually uneventful 3 passer.

The Slim I kept at 7 throughout. This setting seems ideal for my beard growth at around the 48hr mark.

This is the second time running this combo, and oddly, I think the best Slim shaves have come with this blade, though this could be purely subjective (All: "It is!")

The blade still seems to be running up an improvement curve. The smoothest certainly, and keenness does not seem to have deteriorated so far. It took a couple of shaves before it's performance began to climb. I will watch that on the 2nd example.

I hope to be able to take this lovely vintage blade into double digits.

Mostly BB with DFS+ in a couple of trouble spots.


Fri 24 Old Friend Returns Blade#1 Shave#8
Yaqi Lemon Lime Cedarwood
Brush Yaqi 24mm Green Mink
Razor Pearl Open Comb
Blade Shick Super Stainless 8th
Aftershave Yaqi Lemon Lime Cedarwood Splash
Nice enough soap for the scent, cooling, and the rich creamy, and very slick lather...
Another very good shave with this blade paired with the razor. Very smooth, crisp, and efficient. 3passes for a bbs finish.
The matching aftershave cooling is a huge kick to the face..wow hahaha!!
Schick Blade #2, Shave #1

Razor: Henson AL13 Mild head on a SS handle
Cream: Palmolive Classic with a dab of Cremo Cooling
Brush: Cheap no-name off of Amazon
Aftershave: AV Ice Blue

It's been a minute since I binned the Schick blade #1 - not because I didn't like it, but because I wanted to use a different blade and because I was traveling and just traveled with a Mach 3 (an ok, but not a satisfying, experience). So here's to blade #2. Just as expected a sharp, smooth shave. The first blade was great for a full 8 shaves (maybe more, but I binned it). It'll be interesting to see how far this one goes.
I'm way behind on my reports, but at least I'm catching up now.

Blade #1, Head Shaves #2 and #3
Rockwell 6C
Soap: Arko (shave 2) Canada Shaving Soap (shave 3)
Brush: Parker Badger

I switched to my Rockwell because I didn't want to scratch up the posts on my Karve any more. The blade slipped on easily with no binding or scraping at all. Looks like the posts on a Karve (or at least on mine) are a little oversize. I should measure the diameter and compare to some other razors.

For shave 2 I noticed a slight drop in sharpness compared to shave 1. It was still sharp enough to get through 11 days of growth without any issues, but the Rockwell clogs much much quicker than a Karve and is harder to rinse out. It still gave me a close, irritation-free shave.

Shave 3 was identical to shave 2. There was no further dropoff in sharpness, so maybe it was some of the Krona Komfort Koating wearing off rather than the blade dulling. Usually I get redness and bumps if I do anything other than WTG on the wispy hairs below my ears at the bottom of my neck. For whatever reason I went XTG here on this shave and had zero irritation. Was it technique or the blade? I'll try again on shave 4 and see what happens.

This is a really nice blade that can hold its own against anything coming out of the factories today.
Schick Krona coated blade one, Shave #14

Wolfman WR1
Brush: Shavemac beagle (bulb)
Soap: Fine lavender pour homme
Splash: Fine lavender pour homme

Comment: WOW!! :a29::a29:

I consider 10+ shaves from a blade ‘longevity.’ Well this little beauty is still going strong after 14 shaves!!

Twenty-ninth shave with the Schick Super Stainless Steel (w/Krona Comfort Edge) (Vintage) blade #1

: Fatip Lo Storto Originale (aka FOCS)
Brush: Yaqi Purple (24mm Mink)
Soap: RazoRock Santa Maria del Fiore

Another trouble-free outing with the Schick Super Stainless blade.

My three usual passes were routine, again. I haven't had any issues with them, at all. The efficiency is still extremely high. There are still no signs of any roughness or tugging.

The closeness of my main passes means that I still only need a minimal amount of buffing to get to a BBS. As noted before, this is probably why my shaves with this blade have been so comfortable and refreshing. :thumbup1:
Gillette Super Silver (1968) edge 1 shave 4 & 6/2. Wilkinson Sword Classic (plastic) razor, Captain's Choice Lime cream, Captain's Choice Seaworthy bowl, Omega S-brush knot in homemade handle.

Like its contemporary, this blade just keeps on truckin'. Maybe it's a fraction draggier, but equally maybe it's not. I'm really hoping I remember to do a comparison shave on Sunday, because after that I'm travelling and can only use the Schick. It doesn't feel like that would be a hardship.
Blade #1, Shave #20

Still going strong. I don’t think this soap gives me the slickness of others I use. So the shave was a bit of extra work. But I am fairly sure it was not the blade’s fault.

Razor: Yaqi DOC
Blade: Schick SS (20)
Bowl: Captain’s Choice Copper
Brush: Ever Ready 100
Soap: Pacific Caffeinated
Aftershave: Bootleggers Green Freeze
EdC: Pinaud Citrus Musk
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