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Twenty-sixth shave with the Schick Super Stainless Steel (w/Krona Comfort Edge) (Vintage) blade #1

: Fatip Lo Storto Originale (aka FOCS)
Brush: Yaqi Sagrada Familia (24mm Fan-shaped Tuxedo)
Soap: Pré de Provence No. 63

A lovely shave for the first day of Summer. 😍

The Schick Super Stainless continues to impress as it mowed down my stubble with little effort. My three usual passes were quick and trouble-free. The ATG pass felt especially smooth and comfortable; almost like there was no blade in the razor.

Buffing (or the lack thereof) remains the highlight of the Schick Super Stainless. The fact that I barely have to buff at all mystifies me. I've never used a blade that cuts so efficiently during my main passes that the need to buff is almost eliminated.

Meanwhile, the Yaqi Sagrada Familia Tuxedo Fan/PdP No. 63 combo generated a fantastic lather. Very slick, which undoubtedly contributed to today's great shave, and a wonderful scent. A perfect way to celebrate the start of Summer. :thumbup1:
An old friend returns shave#29

Razor: Muhle Rocca R94
Blade: Schick(29)
Soap: EJ Limes & Pomegranate
Brush: Omega Professional Boar

Tonight back to the Limes & Pomegranate and tonight after lathering it Sunday I rather unexpectedly found it lathered much easier. I think it is reminiscent of Haslinger Shafmilch which I killed off earlier this year (that is a good thing) and much better than the RasoZero Agrumella that I started earlier.
This shave was really good, the lather is getting richer and I am actually enjoying using a boar brush after almost exclusively using synthetics for so long.
The finish was another near BBS without irritation and knowing that tomorrow I will reach 30 shaves with the Schick blade which will propel it into legendary status, it stands equal with the Kai, the only blade beating it is the KCG standing on 37
Blade Schick Super Stainless Steel vintage 2nd use. Very sharp and smooth.

Razor Yaqi Telstar zinc head (I heard it is a not exact copy of Razorock Lupo). Moderately aggresive razor. Very efficient but must be a little careful. As I was on a lazy shaving got 3 small dots of blood. Promptly relief by alum block. Lemonwald heavy (66 grams) handle, both from Aliexpress.

Soap Yaqi The Green. Not so easy to lather from small sample package but a very efficient soap. Smell so good that sometimes I want to eat it (kidding).

Turkish US$ 3 brush, I think it is horse hair, from defunct bestshave.net (oh I was so happy with this site)

Bozzano mentol after shave lotion, a Brazilian classic.


Very close and easy shaving, except for small blood spots due to my lazyness with a somewhat aggressive razor.
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An Old Friend Returns Schick Super Stainless Shave No.4

Razor: Ever Ready PAL, 1950's British Made
Soap: Palmolive Classic
Brush: Unbranded But Good
A/S: Blue Stratos

I found a really nice razor on a certain auction site recently, and I was hoping it would not dissapoint.

It was the Gillette Tech's main rival from about the late 40's to the early 60's when Ever Ready stopped making them. It was Ever Ready's first DE razor, but the marketing and selling power of the big G finally overwhelmed the PAL razor. It had a good 15+ year run though.

Heresy here is of which I speak. It is a better razor than my Tech.

I had a sub 36 hour growth, but my beard seems to be getting more wiry by the day. The Schick blade, coupled with the Aluminum PAL, at around 25gms, had more or less given me a DFS+ in 2 passes. I never reach that with the Tech in the same pass number.

The 3rd ATG pass just cruised me to BB town. No buffing or pickups.

The blade was superb, and it's performance is improving with each shave. Very IP like, which is about the highest complement I can pay to a blade. Smooth and sharp. It also seemed to like the razor.

Excellent pairing!
Blade #2 shave 5:

I have been traveling around with this blade on and off for the past couple of weeks. And that has taken its toll. I don’t care how well you pack the razor or the blade…. If it’s traveling, it’s getting affected in some negative way as a result. That is why blade manufacturers use double wrappers and glue dots. I’ve tried taking the blade out and re-wrapping it. I’ve tried leaving it the razor, and all kinds of cases. Nothing will protect the blade. As a result, I have adopted a policy that once I leave my current spot during travel, I do not reuse the blade. But I made an exception for this event, and took this Blade #2 to a few locations. Got 5 shaves in… which is more than a lot of other blades. But this shave today was about all it’ll do. It was not sharp. And the results were lacking. The stubbles sprouted back up way too quickly. I will have to finish up this trip with a new blade… not an event blade. Then I’ll be home for a couple of weeks… I think. So I’ll start again with a fresh event blade and see what we can do. This ERA razor with the #5 SB plate usually shaves much better than this. That is how I know this blade is done.

Schick super stainless blade #1, shave #4

Paired the blade with the GC 0.84-P again. This combination just rocks. Very easy shave, comfortable and with excellent result. I am sure the MdC Nature soap also helps, but it (sample) is gone now, so will try again with a different soap soon.

Razorock GC 0.84-p
Schick super stainless vintage (4)
Omega 10019
MdC Nature
Old Spice Original AS
Balea Sensitive ASB

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Blade #1, Shave #18

Razor: Yaqi DOC
Blade: Schick SS (18)
Brush: Stirling 24mm Tuxedo
Bowl: Captains Choice Copper
Soap: B&M 42
Balm: Neutrogena Hydro Boost
Aftershave: Virgin Island Bay Rum


If these blades were readily available today, I would buy a bunch and it could change my shaving routine. I wouldn’t have to shave every day. I would have an easy, worry free DFS+ with almost every shave.

I am not feeling any significant degradation in the blade.
Schick Super Stainless edge 1 shave 4 & 6/2. Wilkinson Sword Classic (plastic) razor, Captain's Choice Lime cream, Captain's Choice Seaworthy bowl, Omega S-brush knot in homemade handle.

After a couple of shaves with a different set-up for work reasons, this morning I again forgot to swap razors at the half-way point so did a full shave with the Schick rather than introduce the 1968 Gillette Super Silver.

That couple of shaves was with a fresh Gillette Silver Blue, so I was sort of expecting to find that I'd missed a slow deterioration in the Schick's performance over the last however many shaves. Nope!

This blade is still great, so much so that I'm getting a little bored now. I'm travelling for work again next week and if I haven't managed to kill either this edge or that of the Super Silver by then I'm going to just abandon the comparison and se where the blade takes me.
Blade: Schick Super Stainless - blade #2 shave #18
Razor: Fatboy F4
Soap: Vintage Yardley
Aftershave: Vintage Yardley
Brush: Star

Once again, a nice comfortable shave with this superb blade from the past. The vintage Yardley shaving soap is no slouch either - slick, stable, easy to make lather and the post shave is super as well.
Vintage Schick Super Stainless Steel w/Krona Comfort Edge, Blade #1, Edge #1, Shave #13 & #14

Associated gear:
Restored mixed Badger/Boar brush (#13) & Semogue SOC Boar brush (#14)
Rex Envoy
Haslingers Schaafmilch

Life got away from me again. Sorry. Two shave in today's post.

Shave #13 for this edge was a clean BBS after three passes and a little buffing.
Shave #14 for this edge was right on the borderline between BBS and DFS.

Today's shave showed that the Schick is still kicking. As usual, no drama. One blade edge, 7 razors, 14 shaves and counting.

Twenty-seventh shave with the Schick Super Stainless Steel (w/Krona Comfort Edge) (Vintage) blade #1

: Fatip Lo Storto Originale (aka FOCS)
Brush: Yaqi Blue Marble (26mm Timber Wolf)
Soap: RazoRock Gold Label

A smooth, comfortable shave... but efficiency may be down?

Once again, my three main passes were quick and trouble-free, however I had to buff slightly more than usual. Previously, I had only required a handful of buffing strokes to achieve a BBS but, today, I needed at least twice as many strokes to get to my desired closeness.

Although it was only about ten strokes in total, that's double the amount that I needed before. I'm not sure if this is a sign that this blade is on a downhill slide or if it might just be an issue with my technique. This is something that I'll have to keep an eye on.

Regardless, I enjoyed another fine outing by the FOCS/Schick Super Stainless duo and I still fully expect it to deliver many more in the future.
An old friend returns shave#30

Razor: Muhle Rocca R94
Blade: Schick(30)
Soap: EJ Limes & Pomegranate
Brush: Omega Professional Boar

Tonight I finally made it to 30 shaves with the Schick blade and it still feels good. The soap is a bit of a revelation, when I first got the soap I was disappointed with the lather so it didn't get used except occasionally with a synthetic, now it is getting regular use with a boar the lathers are like night and day.
The shave was much the same as yesterday and even left me with a similar near BBS finish, although I am not sure how much that may have to do with my new way of doing my neck by changing the angles I use in the shave. Now I am looking forward to shaving into the 30s with it.
Shave number 1

TOBS Almond shaving cream sample
Kent BK4 Silvertip Badger brush
1965 Gillette Super Speed razor
Schick Super Stainless Steel razor blade
Pinaud Clubman aftershave

A DFS. Kind of a hurried shave (not unusual with me). I look forward to slower shave done at a more comfortable pace tomorrow. No photo today.
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