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Participation PIF - An Old Friend Returns

An Old Friend Returns

The door opens, a smartly dressed, well-shaved figure walks in. You know him, but it's been a few years. As you greet him, it's as though no time has passed. An Old Friend Has Returned!!


The amazing @Space_Cadet (a huge Thank You) found 200 NOS Vintage Schick Super Stainless Blades, Krona Komfort Koated!! Manufactured in Sweden in the late 1960's thru the early 1970's, these blades rivaled, and even surpassed, the legendary Gillette Spoiler blades!! These vintage Schick Super Stainless Blades are in excellent condition, shave ready, and waiting to be requested!!


There are enough for all participants to receive 5 Schick Super Stainless Blades, Krona Komfort Koated!! Even if you've participated in previous Participation and Challenge PIFs, please feel free to Participate in this one, too; I have a lot of blades to give out!!

This An Old Friend Returns Participation PIF is open to any and all (International and CONUS B&B'ers)!! What an amazing opportunity to try top tier Schick Super Stainless Blades from yesteryear!!

Please note, if you're participating in the 2022 Shave Purchase Sabbatical - Shave Trek Season 2, you may request up to 3 Schick Super Stainless Blades and remain in the Shave Sabbatical.


(Borrowed from Dalejr - Thank You - from another shaving forum, since this was a great pic of these blades)

There are certain rules that apply:
  • You must have 10 quality posts (if you don't have 10, get posting!!)
  • You're willing to post about your experiences in this thread
  • Have great fun trying these Krona Komfort Koated Vintage Blades

How to sign up for this Participation PIF?
  • Post "I'm In!!" or "Of course I'm Participating!!" or "Howdy, Schick, you're looking good!!"
  • Don't wait, immediately after posting your intent to Participate, send a PM to me with:
  • => Your Name (or the name you'd like on the envelope)
  • => Complete Mailing Address (I'm in the US, so if you're international, please include your Country with your mailing address)

The PIF Phase will begin NOW and run until I run out of blades or requests stop coming in.

The Participation Phase begins whenever you receive your lot of Schick Super Stainless Krona Komfort Koated Blades!!

Please remember to post that you've received the Blades (either in this thread or as a PM to me).
Lately, I've been thinking of taking a break from Participation/Challenge PIFs because I've been meaning to finish a sampler that I've been neglecting for years (yes, years)! But as soon as I think I'm out, @Grundi and @Space_Cadet drag me back in with another rare, exotic blade. So...

"Of course I'm Participating!!" :thumbup:

Luring you back was one of my main goals with this PIF. It's not the same without you. :)
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